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JMK Here,
Some of you have heard about the recent Belgium attacks that just occurred today:…

Well, this may shock you as much as it has me. I wanted to wear my new camo pants casually today...Private Kiama...then I got the news of the Belgium attack on the way to work and home. So it was as if I was ready to wear something regarding the attack even before it even reached local news. How scary is that? Tonight I am gonna eat some french fries in solidarity of the attack, and because it is for my dinner tonight.

I just got word that the ISIS group has claimed responsibility for this attack. First London Flag of United Kingdom , then Paris Flag of France , Now Brussels Flag of Belgium . This is the third European Capital that has been hit in less than 20 years.

Which major European Capital will be hit next and why?
Is it true what they are saying? Is the IS really targeting Europe and the UN?

JMK Out.
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Submitted on
March 22, 2016