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Jason Muriithi Kiama
Artist | Student | Varied
I am a male Kikuyu who grew up watching DSTV and loving it, just like my mum. At a later childhood I began to appreciate entertainment media. My top 4 favourite entertainment companies are:
1. Disney
2. Warner
3. Nickelodeon
4. DreamWorks.


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Current Residence: Kenya
Favorite genre of music: Soundtrack
Operating System: Windows 11
MP3 player of choice: Smartphone
Skin of choice: Dark
Favorite cartoon character: N/A
Personal Quote: "You are never bored when you got imagination."

JMK here,
I recently made a playlist on YouTube.
I binged through the whole list from 15:50:55HRS to midnight straight (
8 hours 9 minutes 5 seconds).
It started with
Optimus Prime... 

1 by JMK-Prime
...and ended with Optimus Prime.

2 by JMK-Prime

Within it contained videos discussing the following:

The fate of Action Cartoons
The fate of the DCEU!
The fate of the Transformers franchise as whole

This was a playlist that I constructed to help me purge some memories and feelings from the past. I find it kinda therapeutic. But to fully engage in the new half of the year I need to get this off my chest.

My history with animation and Transformers

When I was a kid, I loved animated TV shows and movies. I was never really into anything Disney related outside of their animated movies, even their shitty sequels. But they did have few animated TV shows. Back when Saturday morning cartoons were a thing. Such as:
  • Kim Possible
  • Brandy and Whiskers
  • American Dragon
  • Recces
  • Filmore
The latter three of which were introduced to me when Disney Channel became a thing. With Kim Possible being introduced to me on DVD. But since I was a baby from 1997 Kenya Flag of Kenya , I never got the chance to watch the Disney Afternoon specials. So I took what I got from early 2000's Disney Animation. But like I said Disney was not my first choice for animated content on TV. Like most kids from the 90's my first Nick was either Nickelodeon or the more obvious choice Cartoon Network. Now for all those of you who are not aware, correct me if I am wrong but, Nickelodeon was practically the king of the 90's syndicated animation. Their library of animation was, at the time, unparalleled. Just to name a few:
  • Spongebob
  • Fairly Odd Parents (While it was still good)
  • Catdog
  • Rocket Power
  • Rocko's Modern Life
  • Invader Zim
  • Rugrats
  • The Wild Thornberrys
  • As Told My Ginger
  • Aaahh! Real monsters
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot
  • Danny Phantom (DO NOT REBOOT!)
But, again I was born in 1997 in Kenya. The East African bundle was cheap. So my country's broadcasting TV services could only afford Cartoon Network at the time. And so my love for animation begun.

Cartoon Network

When I watch Cartoon Network and its sister channel, Boomerang I was immediately hit with a wave of animation. Tons of animated properties with different genres, animation styles, art styles (their is a difference), tones and eras. You may see that some of theses cartoons have similar art styles, but that is how each era differentiates each other and I love it.
  • Vintage 30's to 40's classics (Popeye)
  • Retro 50's to 60's hits (Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Hanna Barbara, Tex Avery)
  • Nostalgic 70's to 80's thrill rides (Re-imagined Hanna Barbara classics, Kid versions of Flintstones and Tom and Jerry)
  • Late 90's and 2000's mix of slap stick comedies and straight forward action (Dexter's Lab, Cow and Chicken, Powerpuff girls, I am Weasel, Kids Next Door, Megas XLR (remember that) and Ben 10 just to name a few)
  • Some Canadian Flag of Canada hand me offs(Atomic Betty) 
  • And some Anime Flag of Japan (Bakugan)
So, yeah, Cartoon Network pretty much dethroned fellow animation titan, Nickelodeon! Even before every other animation channel arrived to East Africa, Cartoon Network was my go to channel for all things animation. My country eventually afforded Nickelodeon, Nick Jr and Disney Channel and their eventual sister channels Disney Jr. and Disney XD. Some where between Cartoon Network and the rest of the channels there are was a South African Flag of South Africa channel called K.T.V. And I had a vast library of other late 80's, 90's early 2000's animated IPs that are either shared with the other networks or not airing on said  networks:
  • Biker Mice From Mars
  • Carl Squared
  • Ruby Gloom
  • G.I. Joe: Sigma Six
  • Dragon Booster
  • Oban: Star Racer
  • Sheldon
  • W.I.T.C.H.
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
  • TMNT (Both the 80's and 2003 series)
  • The original Transformers series (80's)
  • Robotech
And as the years went by there was yet another network, Kids CO. Not a really big or popular channel but it did introduce to some shows Like:
  • M.A.S.K.
  • Rescue Heroes
  • Rainbow Brite (Original)
  • Dino Squad
And even though I enjoyed the vast variety of animation at my disposal, Cartoon Network had the most variety. Nickelodeon was about creativity, Disney was about quality but Cartoon Network was all about quantity. Seriously, I bet that That The Amazing World of Gumball was inspired by my favourite era in Cartoon Network's history: TOON CITY! that ran from 2004 - 2007.

It was like the Marvel Cinematic Universes of Cartoons. A 3-Dimensional world that imitates the real world but enhanced with the Hyper-reality of different cartoon characters from vastly different shows. There weren't just crossovers within shows, which made me cringe at the time, the in-between show bumpers that have the characters just chilling out living in the city like average people would even though they are cartoon characters. Kinda like the MCU. As much as I love me some action like every early 2000's boy I also live the subtle moments in between the action so that I and the rest of the audience could breath and enjoy the characters just acting like characters and not just one note, goofy punching bags. 

Part of the reason why this era was so popular with me was because of how it reminded me of my first introduction to animated characters interacting real life people...

NOT Who Framed Roger Rabbit? IT was Looney Tunes Back in Action on VHS.
AND NOT TRANSFORMERS, yet. More on that topic later.

Speaking of which there were TV specials that had kids in a dance club interacting with cartoon characters. These specials kinda bled over to the CN REAL era(My Spy Family anyone?). The begging of the end.

So yeah after this era of awesomeness came to a close as the production behind Cartoon Network's shows got wrapped up, cancelled and later down Cartoon Network's lifeline (sigh) rebooted. I tuned in to the other networks as they showed signs of strength in the wake of Cartoon Network's downfall. Or at-least Disney XD did.

Both and Nickelodeon were going thought similar problems in front of and behind the screen.

From Cartoon Network to Transformers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe

So by now you are probably asking, what does any of this has to do with Transformers? Well, unlike the previous section of this journal, let me keep this brief. Remember when I listed Megas XLR? This is one of my favourite action shows off all time. As a fan of the Disney/Pixar Cars franchise, even the second movie, this show was pretty much right up my alley and It was everything I loved about the early 2000's era. It was action packed, funny, restraint, fast paced, had great musical score, interesting art style, decent animation interesting lore. It had everything I love about the plot heavy shows of today...minus the action, pacing, art style and musical score. This kind of mentality is what made my an unsuspecting target of Micheal Bay and Paramount. In 2007 my mum bought me the Transformers 2007 on DVD. We watched the first movie together. The movie had remained me of, not just Megas XLR, but also the idea of cartoon characters interacting with real life people and the Cars franchise. And After the movie ended I wanted my older cousin to trace the Autobot Logo. That one act got my into drawing more than I ever did before. I was an immediate fan of the Transformers movies and transformers in general. I got the DVDS with behind the scenes features, toys, merchandise, drew fanart in school and watched the animated versions of the Transformers. I watched Transformers 3 with my dad in theatres, I watched Transformers 4 as my first solo theatres experience. Every-time I broke my Optimus, I begged my mum to by me another one. I frustrated her at how expensive those toys were. Still I went on to become a fan of Transformers. And the production team behind it. DreamWorks:
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • How To Train Your Dragons
  • Shrek
...Paramount pictures:
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies
  • The G.I. Joe Movies
  • The first Iron Man movie (because machines) and The Incredible Hulk movie (before Disney bought Marvel).
...and Hasbro's other property that was not G.I. Joe, My Little Pony. Which I never really noticed until I saw Rainbow Dash in Transformers 4, when I saw the Dazzlings Music Video which introduced me to Equestria Girls, and when I saw the sad fan art that got me to cry at college. 

So yeah, Transformers introduced me to:
  • My Little Pony
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Transformers in General
So where did it all go wrong? 

2017 the Year of Betrayal

In 2014, when I was in High School, Secondary High School for all those who were under the same British education system, people just made fun of me being a Transformers fan. They were constantly stating over and over again 'Transformers sucks, Transformers sucks, Transformers sucks!'. It screwed me up like hell. To the point where I basically distanced myself from everyone else. I was also gone through that whole angsty teenager phase. #relateable I was ashamed to call myself a fan of Transformers and entertainment in general around my fellow students. After I graduated from High school, by skipping a few classes, I felt relieved as I went to my local college. There was little to now bullying, insulting, or angst. For the first time ever, I felt free. This college was focused on only Art and Technology. These two years were the best school years of school that I have ever had, next to my years in Primary School. During those tow years I was exposed to online critics like the people on Channel Awesome, Chris Stuckmann, Andre Meadows and the rest. Then in 2017 the year of colour and 80's nostalgia, I went to Dubai for higher education. It my first hands on experience being on my own in a foreign continent in a desert environment. Which made it the perfect atmosphere for watching movies like:
  • Sicario (2015)
  • Logan (2017)
  • Blade Runner 2049 (2017)
  • Wonder Woman (2017)
  • Spider-man Homecoming (2017)
  • Dunkirk (2017)
  • and of-course Transformers 5 (2017)
So despite what the haters at high school said, what all the critics say and what my peers at college say, I went to see what ten years of loyal fan support and patience pay off. 
I even made my first recorded reactions to the Last Knight trailers. I wanted to at least enjoy the latest movie like I did 4 times in a row. So I went to see it and as I watched it. I felt like there was a hole where my heart used to be in. Like Micheal Bay was ripping my heart out and stomped it on the ground. I forced myself to find fun the final 20 minutes of the movie and I left movie theatre in a way that I never did after seeing any movie ever. I went back to my dorm afterwards, wrote my review:
  Transformers: The Last Knight ReviewWARNING: SPOILERS!
JMK Here, and
To be honest...I was sorta confused.
This was the first TF movie that got me underwhelmed. The first that got me to think critically. I mean I love the TF movie sieres. From all the adrenaline inducing fight scenes to the awesome looking Cars and of course the Transformers. This movie sieres is what got me invested in the Transformers movies, the franchise and the lore in general. I mean sure people have complained that their were too many scenes with the humans, sex jokes, racial jokes and of course explosions. But I didn't mind all that, mainly because I was just a kid who wanted to watch the Live Action Version of Megas XLR. I just wanted to focus on the Transformers whenever they were on screen. That's it After all these are called 'Transformers.' Even on the posters they seem to be the main focus of the movie from the composition alone. But...they are not.
Instead we get some of the same stuff from the previous movies only this time do we ge

And I after a while it really hit me, HARD! I for the first time HATED WATCHING THIS MOVIE. After years of support, years of defending this franchise, years of going against the naysayers and years of praising this franchise like the second coming of Christ, years of loving this franchise, I finally admitted it. They were right, all of them, this franchise made me look a Twilight fan, ironic given my female cousins watched the movies and my mum read the 50 Shades books. Maybe they grew out of it, as for me I broke out of it and I saw the light: TRANSFORMERS SUCKS. At least that is how people perceive the franchise by the movies alone. Just like how much more compliment Disney/Marvel are with their movie franchise as compared to the Warner Bros./DCEU, more on those two later. So yeah I hated this movie and hate grew to my hatred for the rest of the Transformers live action franchise in general. DAMN IT, PARAMOUNT!

The Problem with the My Little Pony Movie (2017)

Review: MLP movie Review

After that I treid to get back in Hasbro's good grace with the MLP Movie (2017). Even thought I enjoyed this movie as my first 2D theatrical experience, I wouldn't mind this movie if only Fluttershy, my second favourite character next to Twilight Sparkle, were given more to do. She didn't even use her power over animals to help out. On her own she was nopony. My greatest fear for this franchise, ever since college came to life and I tried to use this movies energy to mask my fear. But after the glitter cleared from my eyes, my head got a little clearer. This movie was solely for the fans (lame ass excuse for the DCEU movies) of the show not for the general audience. That was the same case with the first animated Transformers and G.I. Joe movies. Fans of the show will love it, more than ever that this is not Equestria Girls movie for once. But unlike Lego Batman, general audiences will get lost in them. This isn't the case with Infinity War. Film critic review movie that were supposed to stand on their own and not need to do any homework to watch the movie, unless said movie in part of a film franchise. Infinity War only need critics to watch the past 18 movies. And that's what could saved this movie. Make the 2017 film so that you can introduce the characters ala Guardians of the Galaxy, and then have them go on the adventure in the following year. It certainly worked for every other animated movie realised in theatres that aren't made my Hasbro. The MLP movie we got in 2017 required the critics to watch Seven Seasons worth of character arcs and world building. Some of which were not present in Fluttershy's character. Since the executives from All spark Studios, you know? The same people who brought us the Jem and the Holograms (2015)? Interference with the writing team just to sell toys first, story later. I just want to make this abundantly clear so that Hasbro stops fucking up their female orientated franchises. So yeah, the movie kinda left a sour taste in my mouth. I kinda lost interest in watching the rest of the main show after this mistreatment of a beloved character. I was more pissed off by here being more useless than Phasma in both Star Wars movies more pissed of than Transformers 5 getting Onslaught all WRONG!. I mean come on Mantis was more useful in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 than Fluttershy was in MLP Movie and both films were released the same year! I am just gonna continue watching Equestria Girls. (because boner).

4 by JMK-Prime
At least it was a 2D animated theatrical movie. Same will be said for the upcoming Teen Titans GO! to the movies. 

Get back to work on 2D movies Disney!

Shout outs to these two You Tubers for agreeing with me on Fluttershy's treatment in the movie:

Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. did not give a crap

Not only was Cartoon Network:
  • Rely to heavily on Teen Titans GO!
  • Not give any of the over shows room to breathe
  • Reboot Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10
  • Become the shrivelled up shell of its former self, just like Channel Awesome did in 2018, same for Nickelodeon

BUT THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A BIG ENOUGH EVEN ANIMATED EVENT TO CELEBRATE THEIR 25th ANNIVERSARY! I stayed up for 12 hours watching live streamed Star Wars 40th anniversary celebration. And even then there was more payoff in the form of The Last Jedi than I did with how Cartoon Network.

The channel that got me to animation suddenly loosing its grip on the competition. Just like how Marvel is dominating DC in the movie landscape, Disney pretty much annihilated CN in terms of management. Again, correct me if I am wrong. Speaking of Marvel and DC. After the heart stomp that was Transformers 5, I needed to fall back on another franchise that I was interested in for 10 Years. Which redulted in a movie that finally represented my culture (Black Panther) and the ultimate payoff of a ten year legacy done right (INFINITY WAR). Also, just like The Last Knight, Justice League was a cinematic disappointment. The behind the scene drama, the articles, the Amazonian costume change (sorry ladies the Dora Milaje knocked it out of the park) and the CGI Superman moustache that I witnessed at face value without reading anything going into the theatres. The movie wasn't that bad. It was just Avengers...Age of Thor Ragnarok was the perfect example of how to revitalised a franchise Justice League was an example of how to do it awfully. Even show runner, Butch Hartman hated it and every other DCEU movie except for Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was a good version of the character for what Snyder had set in the DCEU. But she can be a better Wonder Woman if Zack Snyder was not involved in the DCEU at all. I guess people over-hyped this movie because:
  • It was about time Wonder Woman got her movie
  • It is the first female lead movie that doesn't suck tits
  • It is the first DCEU movie that did not suck
But as Wonder Woman saved the DCEU, around the same year DCEU pretty much betrayed me, the fans and the good comic book movie streak of 2017 with a Frankenstein's monster mess that is Justice League 2017.  I wanted to enjoy Batman v Superman after enjoying Man of Steel. But given its Last Jedi level fall out that bled into Justice League...(no puns) just like how Jedi pretty much bled into Solo: A Star Wars Story. With both Solo and Justice Leageue being the lowest grossing movies in their respective franchises, Warner Bros. couldn't even get me excited for the first live action Justice League Movie. If Suicide Squad, a much more enjoyable but poorly made movie Now, didn't make you loose your faith tin the DCEU, than Justice League will. Now, more than even the Justice League plays second fiddle to the Avengers. What could ave saved this movie was to have it released in the same year as Infinity War. At least then Justice League would not look like a bigger loser making less money than the third Thor movie and the first Black Panther movie. The movie felt like rushed college homework and less like a major motion picture project and I should know! I rather re watch Thor: the Dark World. Even if it is kinda forgettable, I can at least feel like one man is behind the movie. I know the best movies are the movie you can remember and re watch but for me with this movie. I deeply liked the story in this movie and Ragnarok gave me a higher appreciation for how much Asgard we has gotten before it went all Krypton on us. When I watched the Dark Knight I wished I could forget this movie and re-watch it with a fresh mind. It seems like I got my wish, not with The Dark Knight but with The Dark World. But I would hold out for watching any MCU movie prior to Infinity War until I see Avengers 4 and the second MCU Spider-man movie. So yeah, the movie forgetability results in is re-watchability. I know you all MCU movie you all hate and I get it. As for me, even when the MCU is going through tough times, they can still get a pass from critic and make bank. Something that Justice League, JUSTICE LEAGUE could not. So yeah, Dark World over Justice League and definitely over THE LAST FUCKING KNIGHT! 

Comic book movies post 2017 in a nutshell

  • A comic book movie making more money than the Avengers! :D (Big Grin) Hallelujah.
  • A comic book movie making more money than the Justice League! Surprise, surprise...ZzZz...

Wrapping up

As much I loved 2017, I was rather disappointed in how Warner Bros./DC Films, Cartoon Network and Hasbro pretty much made me wanna turn over to Disney Animation/Marvel/Pixar/and Star Wars (The Dark Side).
If this is how die hard fans of G.I. Joe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles felt after the movies then I feel sorry that I supported these movies and looking back at them I can defiantly say both those movie franchises sucked. Even when compared to the animated G.I. Joe and TMNT shows and G.I. Joe and TMNT comics, the few I read. Cartoon Network betrayed me but I still watch their shows. They haven't completely lost my trust just yet not with a slew of new shows (not reboots) up and coming. Better hurry it up Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickelodeon are gonna bury you alive if you do not adjust for the times. I still have hope in your name. And even though Nickelodeon got rid of their CEO who made shitty ass decisions that led nick to the same downfall that Cartoon Network had succumbed to, their animation line up is just...just...minuscule compared to the competition. It was Just Spongebob and Loud House. That's its. I just hope that Nickelodeon picks up a majority of their animated shorts and green-light them in order to at least compete with Cartoon Network. And like I said I will watch Equestria Girls and whatever Machinima is crapping out with Transformers:
  1. Combiner Wars (Entertaining, decent and even kinda dark, ominious and action packed)
  2. Titans Returns (The Dark Knight Rises of these three chapters where the series has started to loose it touch with me. The Fallen looks like a discount 80's Marvel comics character.)
  3. Power of the Primes (This series low point where I might as well finish this story and get it over with)
As for the movies, GOD! I will give the Bumblebee movie a shot and if it actually good. I will support it as my first live action movie review of a Non Micheal Bay, Travis Knight Transformers movie. But since the writer of Shut In (2016) and Unforgettable (2017) is attached to this movie, if it sucks I WILL SPOIL THE HELL OUT IF! The only was Hasbro can bring me back if with a good G.I. Joe movie because that was the first Hasbro brand I fell in love with after watching the Sigma 6 anime. Unlike My Little Pony which was introduced to me through Transformers, M.A.S.K. with reminded me of Transformers and Transformers that reminded me of Megas XLR, G.I. Joe I fell in love with because it reminded me of nothing. It was great in its hay and Hasbro need to realise that and get it back into the public eye. I went to comic con twice, and there was nothing mention the Joes nor Cobra. Nothing! And as for the DCEU. Yeah even if they release the Aquaman trailer I am still not gonna go see it in theatres. Nor any other DC live action movie in general. Not after the fallout that was Justice League. Even if the new movies (Shazam and WW84) turn out good, I can not support a cinematic franchise that has as much of an overarching plot as the POWERPUFF GIRLS REBOOT! To quote Eric Rodriguez (Blockbuster Buster) in his Suicide Sqaud: 'I'm Done with DC. Stick to Marvel.'

So yeah. I am continuing watching Cartoon Network, giving Bumblebee (2018) a shot and dodging DC the live action movies. Sorry this journal was so long, I wanted to get a lot of my chest before the new half of the year begins. 

And with that said, JMK Over and Out.
  • Listening to: Random Cartoons and Youtube Videos



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This shot is high in definition. The HD is not only shown by the clearness of the entire picture but also the lighting which is able to be seen by everyone from any part of the picture. The background is splendid.Usually Shockwave would attack urban places when quoting his famous unforgettable G1 qu...

When someone is radioactive, I would imaging the radioactive substance to be green to show its mutagen properties and should be glowing to show it's radioactive properties. The yellow makes it look more like paint that radioactive that is if you are trying something else with the idea of the term 'r...

You have mastered the Optimus Prime in the previous picture and then went ahead and started to add more meaning into his attack pose. You gave him a hand held sword which shows how long he and the other remaining Bots have been on earth, shown texture on his Ion Blaster, the blast of the Ion blaster...

I can see that you used a 2-D style like Hasbro's TF Movie artists use when making concept art before going 3D. This styling shows your potential. The rearrangement of the armor panels that form Prime's new truck form is complex, creative and ingenious. The lighting of his energon is both really eye...


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Reddie-Rozbear Featured By Owner Edited Jul 10, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Since Transformers 7 (or 6) has been confirmed to be cancelled thanks to The Last Knight’s unfortunate failure, I was wondering if one of us could make a letter to Paramount, Hasbro, Lorenzo, Michael Bay, and probably even some writers if they are also the blame for this, similar or basically inspired what this guy has to say to LEGO about Bionicle.…
JMK-Prime Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2018  Student General Artist
Me after watching 'The Death of Bionicle 2015: A Letter to Lego - Herostone'...

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Reddie-Rozbear Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
So since after when War for and Fall of Cybertron and Platnium’s Transformers Devastation has received many positive feedback; despite being made by Activision. I was thinking that Transformers should get an another video game that should be an action-adventure, action-shooter, and first to third-person shooter. Instead of being made by Activision; since Activision pretty much barely gives a $@&t about making games being good but instead focusing on how much money they’re gonna get, I was thinking that it should be made by companies that should give a try like Insominac (Spyro, Ratchet and Clank series, Resistence, and the upcoming, highly anticipated Spider-Man), Naughty Dog (Crash Bandicoot, Jak, Uncharted series, and Last of Us series), Rocksteady (Urban Chaos and Batman Arkham series), Square Enix (Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts II, and Tomb Raider reboot series), or CD Projekt RED (The Witcher series). 

Is there anything I’m missing or one of these are great choices? If so, which of of these do you have in mind that would make an appropriate video game franchise that will soon be a major hit since both High Moon and Platinum’s Transformers games and also gain a cult following and a large fanbase? (even though I hate most fanbases)
JMK-Prime Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2018  Student General Artist
I am not big on gaming companies. Hell I don't even look to deep into animation studious, but I would choose the people on Never-realm (Mortal Kombat, Injustice 1 and 2). 
Reddie-Rozbear Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
That one would be a good pick if they wanted to make a Transformers fighting game.
JMK-Prime Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2018  Student General Artist
Your right. Huh...I don't know. Maybe the guys over at High Moons could partner up with LucasArts or something. If Disney buys Hasbro Studios cause...Why not? They could have two cinematic universes under Mickey's Belt.
Reddie-Rozbear Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Hey Jason, if Bumblebee talks (again) in the POSSIBLE rebooted Hasbro universe, what do you think his voice should be played by? 

•Tom Holland (for playin Spider-Man in MCU films)
•Joseph Gordon (for playing Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet)
•Jason Marsden (for playing so many others I couldn’t even list)
•or others?
JMK-Prime Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2018  Student General Artist
Some one along the line of the War For Cybertron version of Bumblebee (Johnny Yong Bosch). A young, rash, energetic, 'The Flash' like, speedster. Check out the voices of the War For Cybertron Autobots. I couldn't think up a voice actors name. I mostly know the names of veteran VAs who have been around since the 90s.
Reddie-Rozbear Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
I really liked how Johnny does his Bumblebee portrayal. They should bring him back sometime for the reboot.
JMK-Prime Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018  Student General Artist
I know the Autobot voice actors are so refreshing compared to the movie. Same with the Decepticons, better than the movies. Even Barricade sounds badass. My favourite part in any story driven game is the dialogue. The chemistry between the characters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe level of character interactions and the voices, so soothing. Same thing with Injustice 2 vs the DCEU! 2 min clips of the DC characters just talking. More entertaining than 5 feature length movies. (Yes, even more entertaining than Wonder Woman).
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Ey buddy, do you realized it's 10 years since the Secret Saturdays from Cartoon network?
JMK-Prime Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2018  Student General Artist
No way!
Shernod9704 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018
Shernod9704 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018
So aren't you gonna make a picture of that?
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I know that you don’t care much for Bumblebee whether it’ll either succeed or fail and that you especially don’t care nor have any feelings for the Bayformers franchise anymore, (To be honest, I don’t feel like I have any care nor feelings for the Bayformers franchise anymore either) especially after watching and trying to think about The Last Knight. But I will say this that Paramount has just released an official trailer for Transformers: Bumblebee.…

I will I’ll be honest, this trailer looks really good in my eyes. I mean the characters looked more realistic than in the Bayformer movies and has a G1-field to it. Yes I already know that this movie is written by Christina Hudson (writer of some failed movies like Shut In and Unforgettable), but let’s cross our fingers that this would be either Christina’s first and/or only good/descent/or great movie. And I also already know that this will be produced by Michael Bay, but let’s also REALLY that he’s perfectly fine with Travis’ own take for Bumblebee; like if it’s really just gonna be the real reboot for the whole new franchise, or whatever. 

However, if it’s actually gonna fail like The Last Knight or other past films, then yes it’s time for a real, fresh, true reboot that should completely have nothing to do anything related to the Bayformers.
JMK-Prime Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Student General Artist
Reddie-Rozbear: ''I know that you don’t care much for Bumblebee...Paramount has just released an official trailer for Transformers:…''

JMK-Prime: Stopped reading and watched the trailer.

JMK-Prime: Came back to read the rest of the paragraph.

Reddie-Rozbear: ''I will I’ll be honest, this trailer looks really good in my eyes...true reboot that should completely have nothing to do anything related to the Bayformers.''

JMK-Prime: (Thoughts) I need to write a journal to explain all my thoughts and feelings about this trailer.
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Thanks for the llama
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You are welcome.
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So I don’t know about you, but me and my have seen Solo, and personally we actually enjoyed it. 

Now there the mix of people who adored TLJ, others find it meh, and others outright despised it. Since J.J. is gonna direct Episode 9 and well write it along with the BVS and JL writer: Chris Terrio (I hope he would actually do it well and/or maybe get some more useful writers). Would you please give me a list of things that we want and don’t want for the next movie? 
JMK-Prime Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018  Student General Artist
When I got "write it along with the BVS and JL writer: Chris Terrio" part I immediately cringed.

What we want:

  1. Make the movie feel like an event like the Avengers movies (Except Ultron).
  2. Take the movie seriously.
  3. Bury all the subplots. Kill them if you have to. It is the only way for the movie to become what is truly can be.
  4. A Flashback to Snoke's past.
  5. Have the Finn and Phasma do something.
What don't want:
  1. The movie to fell like a compilation of episodes from an tv show.
  2. Give Rey the majority of the spotlight.
  3. Another Death fake out (Carrie Poppins).
  4. DC Comics level of girl power overtaking the grand plot of star wars.
  5. Kathleen Kennedy in charge of Lucasfilms.

Thanks for this comment. Until Next Time May the Force be with you.
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Thank you for the llama. :3
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You are welcome.
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What are your thoughts?…
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