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mainly black colored pencil and graphite
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Inspirational well done
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mainly black colored pencil and graphite?? This looks like a photo!! WOW
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Your work is amazing i love all of it.
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very expressive! I particulary like the skin texture, eyes and eyebrows. Congrats! :D
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I love this!
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...holy.... sh.......... how the hell do you draw so good? i'd almost swear you take b&w photos, but i know better. i wish i could draw like that... you are lucky
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Thanks Artist/Tiia/Thunaraz-- :)
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Truly amazing work!! Without question one of the best drawing i´ve ever seen!
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Adorably realistic work :).
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Amazing work, excellent detail & shading
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Thanks Croovman @Natalie :O :)

HI Casmee Thanks,..this took quite a while , i usually only site with them for about 4 or 5 hours at a time ,..sometimes over 4 days, emmm mabye 12 ours or something like that,..i done this about 2 months ago, but i never really keep track of time and stuff, me its pretty big even though its 8x10 wich is small to a lot of people, still resulted in a lot of headaches and cussing and stuff :P
take care.
Happy thanksgiving to all you guys too,..if ya do thanks giving...
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very impressive! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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:omg: Stunning. I just want to touch his leathery skin and fluffy beard... lol. Great stuff.
That picture is AWESOME DUDE! How long did it friggin' take though?
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