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Losing My Mind

By JMichek
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This took for fucking ever - Anyway, finished for a school project. This is the final cover image for my bird eater boy kid story - the inspiration for it was from the composite portraits that Giuseppe Arcimboldo would do. But not as good. Thank you ^lone-momo for your heeeelp :D

If you would like close ups, please go here: [link]

Edit: Lone-momo is the awesomest person for the DD suggestion, and Atramina is the awesomest for featuring it <3<3<3<3<3
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MondoArt's avatar
OH my goodness I saw the human face too! and the flying birds represent his/her mind is going away? lovely!
Valkyriestears's avatar
Gorgeous! I love this!
Daigoro111's avatar
I would buy frame and put in my house, fantastic stuff.
PurpleHope's avatar
Those feathers !
Long to draw but toally worth it ! Daily deviation well deserved !
circusheart's avatar
You fucking blew my mind. Well done!
SaskiaDeKorte's avatar
holy shit this creeped me out big time! You are a genius!
Quilsnap's avatar
theres an awful lot going on here, not least of which rose/house finches being awesome
auxeru's avatar
Gorgeous indeed!
Liliaworld's avatar
Love it!! Absolutely amazing!!!! :)
MBKKR's avatar
Featured this wonderfull work here: [link]
ReSkull's avatar
Face is really awesome !! after i put it on my desktop , i seen it !

another thing is the face lines like that mades the chick bumb between the nose and eye...

MBKKR's avatar
Cool piece, well done!
ReSkull's avatar
Fantastic psychotic colors :D (i mean crazy)

It will be a ling time as my desktop Background ... :rose:
Eisenkiller's avatar
its very Magical an Stunning!
PurpleDottedPoetry's avatar
vaporz123's avatar
ahhhh!!!! this for a school project!? wahhhh
rockarnaka's avatar
Sweet ! :D like Arcimboldo !
R1girl's avatar
It's so detailed.. wonderfully done.
PeregrineJazmin's avatar
wow! the details and colors are wonderful!
i love it!! :love:
RainbowBunnyofDoom's avatar
Ah that's so awesome! Love the statement it makes!
multibob400's avatar
i think i lost my mind
missproblemchild's avatar
Related to the bird deaths? they're the same species.
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