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Finn the Human

By JMFenner91
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Did a quick Adventure Time sketch after watching the new episode, super rough but it was fun, now back to homework stuff which I might upload later depending on how far I get (hopefully finished)

Added this as a print on society6 - [link]
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I love the art style,very nice
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wickid :clap:

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This is so simple and beautiful. I love the textures. <3
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can I get a copy of this?
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Yes, I offer prints over on my Society6; [link] :)
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love this show and love your style, you killed it ^_______^
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This is my favorite fanart for this episode I've seen so far, love the stylization!
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Oh wow, thank you! :D
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This would be great as a shirt!
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Ah why thank you, I'm in the process of making a Society6 for shirts and such so I might offer it on there sometime soonish!
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I love this piece! Can't say that 100% for the episode though
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Ahaha why thank ya! The episode itself was pretty iffy, but it was pretty visually appealing and stuff though so I had to draw something from it! :D
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OMG I hated and loved this episode at the same time.
Alternate Finn: "Don't you hear the voices...?"
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SAmmeeee haha but it looked really nice and the content was really fun to draw so that is cool!
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Gah, thank you! :)
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I love this! That episode was so... Wow. Insane Finn looked pretty badass.
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Yeah he did haha though it was awesome seeing him that way, I actually really liked his parallel self's design quite a bit with the arm and such! :D Hope we see him again sometime.
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I hope so too ^.^ i look forward to season 5!
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