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General Beatrix

My Beatrix cosplay for Expo Oct. 2010
Overall, I'm happy with it. It was probably the cheapest and quickest to make. The wig, unfortunately, wasn't so good. I styled it the night before and it was looking great. Half an hour on the train and the curls have fallen loose. Well, at least it's only expo.
I really wanted the costume to follow the curves, like it does in the game, and not to hang loose. I hope I achieved an accurate look for beatrix. I even added the rose to the pants. It's in the original desgin, but you don't see it in the game.
...excuse it shittty excuse for the shoes.
Sorry about my retarded expression int he far right, not the best picture of me.
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Awesome Beatrix! I think you got the silhouette of this costume pretty darn perfect!!
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Thank you, I really wanted to get that silhouette perfect.
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Very nice cosplay of Beatrix~!
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You're welcome ^^