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Celes Jacket

A closer look at my jacket for Celes Chere. The entire thing done by hand (no sewing machine :( ) Though the bias binding is only tacked on.
Fort he pattern of the embroidery I kept it as closely to the reference pictures as I could, but there are only references for the front embroidery and those aren't very clear. So I jut went for what it seem to be at the front and then made it all up for the back.

Completed cosplay:
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it looks very nice! I know how hard is it to sew all by hand <3
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Thank you very much. It's hard isn't it :( I really need to get a sewing machine...:sigh:
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Yes, I sew my costumes also by hand and it's so painfull *haha* but it makes so much fun <3
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There is something pleasant and fulfilling about doing it by hand, still a sewing machine would help me work faster. Though I doubt I'll ever stop doing the embroidery by hand.