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In just 10 short days, the Rosarium Publishing IndieGoGo campaign will come to a close, and so will your chance to get the exclusive Chadhiyana mini-comic that comes with pre-orders of Chadhiyana volume 1 (my first graphic novel, due out in January 2017)!  

For those of you not in the know about Chadhiyana or Rosarium (the latter of which was trending on Twitter a few times last week), Chadhiyana is, in short, a fantasy series about a female assassin’s personal struggle to deal a dark past she’s trying to run from. It takes place in a world based on medieval India. As for Rosarium Publishing, they are dedicated to true diversity in publishing (both authors and subject matter).

Tomorrow on my blog (, I’m going to highlight the mini-comic that comes with the $20 Chadhiyana perk. If you still need some convincing to order Chadhiyana volume 1, visit tomorrow and read about it. Otherwise, if you’re already planning to contribute to the campaign, do so soon. It ends May 4th:

That said, whether you’re able to contribute to the campaign or not, if you have even a remote interest in my work, Rosarium or just the idea of Indian female heroines and diversity in publishing, I do ask that you help spread the word by posting about the campaign on social media and interacting with any posts you see about Chadhiyana or Rosarium.

A crowdfunding campaign’s success often depends upon the amount of people talking about it. So please post using either the short link or full link (listed below) and tag #Chadhiyana and #RosariumPublishing or #rosariumpub.

Most especially, thank you all for the support! Cheers.

Short Link =
Full Link =…

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Submitted on
April 25, 2016