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The Horror Beyond the Door

Acrylics and molding paste on illustration board.

I had, since discovering his writing, wanted to do a Lovecraftian piece with a nameless thing coming out of the darkness at a man too curious about those Great Old Ones from beyond the known universe. The tentacles, of course, were to give the thing a further Lovecraftian feel. The character, actually, was created for a few projects I had thought about (including a comic and a small 2D computer game I was creating some months ago, but have since put on an indefinite hold).
Unfortunately, when I originally scanned the piece in (on a roller, which I'll never use again as it damaged the 3D elements) it got stuck and a bit of the right side of the piece was cut off (the torch is not cropped so in the original). I've since, however, corrected the mistake and updated the piece here. As for the molding paste, it didn't do much for this particular piece (though I plan still to use it often), but I was just beginning to use the stuff, and I am still experimenting with all that I can do with it. I hope you like the piece.

Happy Halloween,
J. M. DeSantis
Writer - Illustrator
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This looks awesome! We are putting together a crowdsourced anthology inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's works. When he was alive, he was a voracious letter writer, and through this, he inspired famous authors that eventually wrote things like Psycho and Conan the Barbarian.

We are launching this project to connect a community of artists and writers that can enjoy each other's written and visual art and hopefully network to collaborate, appreciate, and inspire in the Lovecraftian tradition.

Everyone that contributes to or brings others into our anthology project will receive a free copy of the Lovecraft ebook anthology. All you have to do is visit our website here  and sign up. All of the rules and deadlines are listed.

If you don’t have time to write something new, dig up an old piece you created, polish it, and publish it in this anthology!

Everyone that enters their work to our free anthology will receive a space for biographical information in the back of the book that can be used by the community to network and collaborate. You can use this space to put your contact information, links to your own websites and projects, and/or social media profiles.

Also, at the request of the community, we are going to have a contest, where the the top 20 best contributing artists and writers will have their work included in a published work we will launch on Kickstarter. 100% of the profits will go back to the creators.

We look forward to seeing your work, what do you think?

Cthulhu fhtagn

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Love it, really gives a classic horror feeling to it.
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Love this one!  Great expression on the man's face and those tentacles are fantastic!  
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Thank you. Truth be told, I feel I do even better tentacles nowadays, but this piece is such a favourite of others. It's been too long since I've been active here (working on my graphic novel posting on I'll have to start posting some new artwork soon.
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... and this is why, children, we all ways knock before we enter a bathroom. 

Cool picture!
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Thank you very much!
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You are very welcome.
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The tentacle grabbing the guy's cross necklace is a very nice touch. :nod:
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Thank you. That was a little addition I added at the end when I was drawing out the final piece. I felt it was also a good way to give a nod to Lovecraft's own atheistic beliefs.
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this is great! for a while there i was unsure if this was done on the computer or not, I mean, the diffrences in between the colors are so crisp...i couln't do something like that with traditional paints in a million years. Plus, it's always nice to see more lovecraft enthusiatsts around. :D
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Thank you. I actually get a lot of people who are shocked when they hear my paintings are done in acrylics. I've never considered why, but I do know, for the longest time, I went back and forth between the two: always wanting to work traditionally, but wanting to get the boldness of the computer. I suppose somewhere the two meshed perfectly.

As for Lovecraft, it's been a while since I've done anything Lovecraftian. Hopefully I can visit the material again soon.
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Wow one of the most amazing Lovecraft-tales paintings I've ever seen!
Very well done!
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Thank you. It's actually one of my earliest acrylic and molding paste pieces, but it still never fails to grab people's attention. Still, sometimes I'd like to revisit it. All the same, I'm glad you like it.
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I love this..........SOOOOO much...
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o: Amazing! Awesome picture, very well done. c:
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c: You're very welcome indeed.
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Curiosity kills the cat one again! :) Nicely done, I especially like the lighting ans varying surface textures. You might consider using acrylic gel medium in lieu of molding past if you need more flexibility. It can be applied in a similar fashion, yet it dries more like rubber than paste.
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