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George Carlin

Dedicated to the memory of the greatest comedian that ever lived: George Denis Patrick Carlin (May 12, 1937 - June 22, 2008)

A digital painting of comedian George Carlin, my very favorite comedian. This piece was completed before his death, and was actually featured as the avatar for one of his fan-MySpace sites for a short time. I had always hoped to see him live (Atlantic City is not too far from me, and he often performed there), but, alas, I waited too long. He will be sorely missed. Thank you all for your favorites adds and comments.

J. M. DeSantis
Writer - Illustrator
Official Website:

P. S. (7.14.2008) There have been so many favorites adds for this piece recently, that I am afraid to say I cannot get back to all of them. Please know that they have not been overlooked and I appreciate them immensely. Thank you.
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"And off I go, looking for a little fun! Perhaps a tanker truck filled with human waste will explode in front of the Pokemon factory!"
This man was a comedic genius! XD
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Yes he was. I wish he were still around making jokes.
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George Carlin was and still is a genius, and you did great job on this painting.
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Yes he was, and thank you for the wonderful compliment.
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You're purrfectly welcome :D
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You, my friend, have successfully managed to capture the very essence of George Carlin. The look on his face is one of complete strain at all the bs in the world, yet also one of begin able to be extraordinary goofy in presenting the ugly truth. Well done.
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Thank you! I don't think I've received a better compliment of my work in my entire life. Much appreciated.
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He'll always be remembered, 'cause he's living in our hearts!!
jmdesantis's avatar
Yes, he will, and he most certainly is.
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One of many comedians I like on my list; next to Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Carlos Mencia. :laughing:
We don't have comedians like him these days, he cuts it deep, and raises a hell of a point. He will be missed. :salute:

Probably the best one I've heard was his comparison between baseball and football. :rofl: [link]
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Funny you mention that. The football vs baseball skit was one of my favourites too. Carlin was always my favouite comedian, and like you and so many have commented on this image, he will be and already is dearly missed.
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Good piece. Very good.
jmdesantis's avatar
Thank you. It's still a favourite for people, even after all this time.
GokuMartin's avatar
People who have an issue with me being "aggresive" have obviously never heard of this man.

If you are familiar with George Carlin, and have seen at least one of his stand-ups, you wouldn't have an issue with how I say things.

In fact, George was a lot nastier (and smarter too, sadly) than I ever was.
jmdesantis's avatar
Unfortunately, not all comedy is for everyone. Some people even just have certain subjects that they feel are taboo (honestly, I have two). But, even so, there's a difference between people who can accept it's just a joke and shrug it off, even if they don't find it funny, and those that go out with pitchforks to persecute the joke-teller.
One-5Arts's avatar
Love this one! I miss the man!
jmdesantis's avatar
Thank you. And, yes, the world of comedy is a little less funny without him.
demonportal's avatar
HAHA wow!! Looks a lot like him xD
jmdesantis's avatar
Thank you. I'm glad so many people feel I got his likeness down so well.
Salohcin-Silverwing's avatar
Not only was George Carlin great with words, but his facial expressions, including this one which he uses a lot, never failed to make me laugh
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