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Chadhiyana Fireball

Made with deviantART muro

This piece is a little bit different for me, as I usually don't create digital art. However, about a month ago the deviantART Facebook page posted a question asking which artist everyone would like to see try out deviantART muro next. Everyone had their picks, but, in a slightly uncharacteristic moment of egotism, I posted "Me!" Suddenly I got a Note from $shyree2 (who is on the team that manages the dA Facebook page) asking me to send along my submission when it was done. How about that?

Anyway, I enjoyed using muro. It was fun, and I really like seeing all those brush strokes played over time. However as I'm out of practice with my tablet for this sort of work and muro doesn't have quite the same capabilities as Photoshop, it wasn't a smooth transition. I had some lagging problems (which accounts for the long, boring bit while I'm working out the background of this piece--my apologies). So, I decided to just go a bit loose with my strokes. The end goal was to have a piece people could use as a wallpaper on their desktop. I'm happy with the result.

As for the character, she's my own. Her name is Chadhiyana and you can find two more finished pieces depicting her in my dA gallery. I'm developing a graphic novel series around her and currently working on two (comic) short stories to put in a preview book for the Fall so I can start introducing people to her story. Actually, today I was penciling page two, but I finished it in 2 1/2 hours (the pencils, that is). So I decided to play hooky and work on this piece, especially since shyree has been waiting for it patiently for so long. (And thank you again, Shyree, for asking me to do this.)

Well, I hope you all enjoy the piece and perhaps a few of you will check Chadhiyana out when the book is available. I'll make an announcement here on deviantART, on my website and on all the other social media sites I'm a member of. All the best.

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Awesome. Would've been cool to see the fire blowing in the same direction as the dress, but then again, that may look stupid....either way, nice.
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Thank you, and perhaps if I ever re-do the piece I'll add that in (you make a good point). This wound up being a practice piece (I never used Muro before), and a promotional one (read the description of the piece for that). Anyway, I'm glad you like it. And, if you like the character, there's plenty more of her here on my deviantART page and on my website. Cheers!
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Love it. Simple but powerful.
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awesome, really awesome!!
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Thanks. I appreciate the compliment.
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Epic work. Kinda inspiring to watch
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Thank you. I appreciate the kind words. It was fun to share this with so many people.
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we are not worthy, lol badass
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Thank you. Very kind words (especially if you're referencing "Wayne's World" there).
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Wanye's World (I forgot about that damn now I need to watch it again) or Hercules
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