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One of my favorite settings for characters being tickled is when someone is washing their ticklish spots for really long with the intention of tickling them, especially when said character doesn't know that that's the intention behind it. It's really cute, and the fact that it's evident she's splashing around in the water trying to escape the inescapable tickles makes it even cuter

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I wish I was in her position lol :3

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So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute~! This would be the perfect opportunity to sneak tickle Remilia's bare feet~.
Like the water spots on the girls' dresses.
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Fitting that these two fiends would agree to help Marisa bathe only to give her a tickle scrubbing.:D
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This is adorable! And It's always nice to see Marisa in feet related situations! :D
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Looking fantastic as always~
Perfectly adorable smiles and bare feet all around <3
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it looks great i like it
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Im not sure if I would trust the Scarlet sisters to make me a sandwich never mind wash me 
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Love the feet of the Scarlet sisters! Super cute! x3
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