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Finally, the Guyana book is finished...!  At the moment it's out there on Blurb in two versions, and two sizes.  I'm hoping that next year I can get it onto Amazon to make it a bit easier to find, and maybe a bit cheaper too.  For the moment though, that's where it's at!

Click on the image to check out the preview at Blurb...

Comments always welcome!
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Hmmm.  This journal thing is definitely not happening on a regular basis!

The news is - I've just completely lost two whole months!  Two months laid low by a car driver who didn't notice me riding down the middle of the road and thought that turning right across the front of me might be a good idea.  Until I went over his windscreen!  That's about all I remember, and here I am, two months later still unable to pick up my camera....

But, the news isn't all bad.  Yesterday the metal pin was pulled from my shoulder (good old NHS rusty pliers) and I can now move enough to do some work on the computer.  I've got a lot of work to catch up on.  I'm hoping to finally get the Guyana book together, and released in time for Christmas!  That, of course, means a complete re-process of all the images - for some it's just a case of sorting out the WB on a decent monitor, for others it's a major re-working!

Also on the good news front: I'll be picking up a photo award in London later in the year.  That sure helps keep the blues at bay

And finally, I'm back on the exercise bike.  A long way to go till I get to the level of fitness I'd achieved in August, but what's life without a challenge?....  like life without pictures I guess; pretty dull!

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How did that happen?  One minute it's February; the sky is blue, the sun is shining and it's feeling like summer...  the next minute here we are in May; the sky is grey, it's raining, and I'm wondering if there's going to be a summer!

It's been a couple of busy months for me and my camera.  A few events, a wedding, some car photography and some travelling round the North of England.  Main news, however, is that I've got a new blog up and running.  Rather than trying to do another year of Photo-a-Day I've started on a Photo of the Week project.  Each week I pick four photos and visitors can choose their favourite.

The blog is at

Of course, chances are that the four choices will all make their way onto DA, but they'll go up on the blog first!

Now, on with my do list: need to: upload blog for last week, upload blog for this week, design a better logo for my website, update my website, get some new photos onto DA, start processing some of my backlog from this week....

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So, I've started on the slow process of adjusting photos so that they look right to me on a normal monitor.  This could take some time!  Meanwhile, I have a photo entered into a competition - not a great photo, not a great competition, but I'd love to notch up some more votes!  If you're feeling generous with a couple of clicks, then follow the link!…

Each and every vote is precious!

Meanwhile - I may have to come out of my photographic hibernation soon...  Maybe I need to take on another photo a day project to kick start my snapping?  Enthusiasm seems so hard to come by in February...
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So here I am with a great big head cold and the sudden realisation that all this time I've been saving jpegs from photoshop with some awful colour profile attached.  No wonder they never look the same to me online!

So, a celebration is in order...  followed by the re-processing of a whole load of files...  Or maybe I should just not look back?
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Back home, back to our flat, back to luxury, and after a week of waiting, back to super-fast broadband!  I've got about 30 more 'Photo of the Day' to upload here, and then I think I might put a folder of pictures from Kaiteur Falls up, and then I really need to start work on the Amerindian Heritage portraits that are sitting waiting on a hard drive full of RAW images!  Should keep me busy for a week or two...  And then I'm going to have to face the cold and get out there to take some fresh photographs!

I'm also going to have to think about what happens now the blog ( finishes (last picture goes up tomorrow at 5pm GMT).  But first, I'm going shopping!
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It's now been two weeks since I took a photograph!  Making the most of fast internet access to get the backlog of Guyana photos uploaded here.

I also need to do a lot of work on the Amerindian Heritage portraits that I took during my last month in Aishalton.  I'll be uploading these into a new folder on DA fairly soon.

Then when all that's done I need to start thinking about the future - but I can leave that for a while I think!
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How time flies when you're having fun!  That's it for Guyana.  All our things are packed and we're on our way home.  No more chances to catch that Amazonian Kingfisher, no chance to get out to the rock carvings at night and do the star trail photo from the top of a jeep, no more chances to photograph a local Amerindian fishing with a bow and arrow...

But the last 6 weeks have been a manic rush of tasks - some nothing to do with photography, but most have been in the hunt for some good photos.

I think I've done ok.  I have a further 130 'days' to upload onto DA.  In those days are (I think) some of the best photos I've taken.  And I think that the last photo I took in Guyana, only 2 days ago now, might actually take top spot.  I think it's a really original image of what must be the most photographed scene in the country.

But that's not for me to judge...  I'll have to wait for some feedback...  and before then I need to get on with uploading...  It will take me some time, but I hope you enjoy the results as they come online bit by bit.

Thanks to all for comments'n'stuff!

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Our time in Guyana is coming to a close.  I have another 6 weeks in country.  I have a list of photos that I've been meaning to take and the chances to take them are slowly disappearing.  However, I also have two trips planned.  One is a 10 day river trip to one of the most remote villages in the world - A Wai-Wai village known as Gunns Strip.  The other is a trip to Kaiteur Falls - the longest single drop waterfall in the world (I think!).

I'm also planning some formal portrait shots of the people in the village of Aishalton.  I've set up a makeshift studio using mossie netting as a lighting diffuser, and now I just need to persuade people to come!

On the blog I'm up to photo 480 - so as soon as I get time there are another 80 photos waiting to be uploaded to DA.  I think there are some good ones in there - maybe some of the best of these two years?

Meanwhile, I'm also about to go live on a website - - Take a look and let me know what you think.  I'd love to have some comments about the site.

And finally...  Thanks for the DD, and all the comments, the Favs and the new watchers...
Back in the land of hot!  Minimal internet access, blinding light, but a whole new year of photos just sat waiting for me to take them!

The photos for this year will start off their public life on where the quality isn't great and there seem to be horrible jpeg artifacts on everything I upload.  When I get to access decent speed internet then I'll upload higher quality versions onto DA.

Meanwhile, I'll be avoiding the sun and looking for something different in everyday life!
I've made it back to Guyana, but my laptop and most of my camera stuff is ahead of me, at my house in the interior.  I'm stuck in town for a few days, hoping to start on Photo of the Day 2010 as soon as possible!

Thanks to anyone who gave me a Fav - and sorry if I can't really do individual replies.  Internet access from here on is pretty minimal!
We're on our way back to Guyana - and what better way than stopping off at Tobago for a while to get used to the heat!  Only problem is, it's raining!
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Well, here I am at the home of my father.  Visiting the UK for Christmas, and finding snow!  Wonderful conditions for photography, but so little time...

I'm making the most of broadband to upload the photos from my year in Guyana.  I spent a total of 288 days in Guyana (well, the first few were actually in Brazil) and took at least one photo for each day.  Some were awful, some were ok, and some (just a few) I'm quite happy with.

Most of those days were spent living in a small Amerindian village, located on the vast savannah up above the Amazonian Rainforest.  In some ways great for interesting photos, but in other ways, a bit difficult, with no transport and not a lot of variety to life.

So, now I'm having a rest.  A chance to recover a bit, and a chance to prepare for next year when I will go back, take better photos, enter some photo competitions, and justify buying a new camera for myself this Christmas!!!

Hopefully, DeviantART is going to provide the inspiration, the motivation, the comments and critisism that will help me achieve all this in 2010!
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