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Like it... And I like that you're experimenting with your tripod and different appertures. I love the blue light on the road contrasting with the white headlight (is it a motorbike? Only one light?)...

Might be nice to try this with a red rear light, rather than the front light (and yes, I know it wouldn't work here, as the light would be on the other side of the road if it was a rear light (unless you got someone to drive down the wrong side of the road!) - I just think that would emphasise the blue of the road even more. Plus, I think you might be able to get less burn out on the light if you used a longer exposure and a smaller apperture - but there again, the burn out works quite well to the right of the picture. Not sure what happened to the left though, was there some reflection coming back from the vehicle? Did the motorbike (?) indicator come on? Strange!

Final point - Can you re-sharpen at the size you're displaying so that the gravel in the foreground becomes real crispy? I'm sure the detail is there, but it doesn't seem to jump out?

Or is this just my internet connection that loses crispness?
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Sato-photography Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
thanks :) I have been playing with aperture lately. It was a car but from the angle I was at I only got one light in the shot. This was kind of last minute and I only took it right before we left there. I did get on with a little red rear light but it didn't come out too well. I am going to try this again at some point just probably not here. Also it looks like it's almost still daylight in this shot but it was actually quite dark by this point. With this shutter speed and aperture the exposure was higher than I would have liked. Live and learn I suppose!
I think there was another car behind it that you seen the shine from the headlights off but not it's trail. I can try to sharpen the gravel but I think it might be grainy (in a bad way) if I try. I'll see how it comes out. I can't really tell you how it looks here! I have a high res screen and it's crispy on it but not hugely crispy! I'd like to see some things from you :)
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