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Finally, the Guyana book is finished...!  At the moment it's out there on Blurb in two versions, and two sizes.  I'm hoping that next year I can get it onto Amazon to make it a bit easier to find, and maybe a bit cheaper too.  For the moment though, that's where it's at! Click on the image to check out the preview at Blurb... Comments always welcome!
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Hmmm.  This journal thing is definitely not happening on a regular basis! The news is - I've just completely lost two whole months!  Two months laid low by a car driver who didn't notice me riding down the middle of the road and thought that turning right across the front of me might be a good idea.  Until I went over his windscreen!  That's about all I remember, and here I am, two months later still unable to pick up my camera.... But, the news isn't all bad.  Yesterday the metal pin was pulled from my shoulder (good old NHS rusty pliers) and I can now move enough to do some work on the computer.  I've got a lot of work to catch up on.  I'
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How did that happen?  One minute it's February; the sky is blue, the sun is shining and it's feeling like summer...  the next minute here we are in May; the sky is grey, it's raining, and I'm wondering if there's going to be a summer! It's been a couple of busy months for me and my camera.  A few events, a wedding, some car photography and some travelling round the North of England.  Main news, however, is that I've got a new blog up and running.  Rather than trying to do another year of Photo-a-Day I've started on a Photo of the Week project.  Each week I pick four photos and visitors can choose their favourite. The blog is at www.jmbrosco
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Explore Guyana 2013: The article and the photos are absolutely beautiful. Sadly, the book isn't out to the public until next year but I got one of the first copies =D

Living in Aishalton for two years must have been a wonderful experience. I was there for the Heritage last year.

Congratulations on your award for the Lightning at Kaieteur Falls photo !
Hello James,
I want to thank you for the labour, and by the final result, love of this masterpiece of my birthplace. I don't want to waffle on since I've mentioned my thoughts in a favourite already. My family left Guyana when I was five years old and moved to Montreal, Canada. Guyana has only been a name on my passport which gets funny looks when I travelled through parts of Western Europe. I've returned once as a teenager and have never had an emotional connection to my birthplace. Your book has kindled a little fire in me. I will purchase it and share it with family, friends and strangers who ask where is this country, never heard of it.
My only regret is my beloved Mom never lived long enough to see your book. She passed away three months ago from her second round with cancer. Your book would have brought joy to her heart and tears to her eyes. I will inform as many people in the Guyanese community that I know of your book and hopefully they'll appreciate your fine work as much as I do. Thank you. Cheers.
Hi James,

Do people need to get permission from you before using your photos? I have seen many of your images (like this one: [link] on this facebook page :

but none are credited to you. This page is also a tour operator therefore using your images for profit. Just thought i'd bring it to your attention.
Hey, i just want to know if i can use your picture of Samoens valley for my website ?
Cheers ;) !
Hey,I'm from Guyana and I came across some of your photos in the Gafoor's calendar for 2011.
Great job on that !
Thanks - I never did get to see a copy, but I hear that some of them printed up ok! Hope you're enjoying seeing some of the other images of your homeland - and maybe leafing through the book on!
Hi, I just stumbled across your photos of Guyana and they are amazing! Is it possible to buy prints of pictures on your blog that are not tagged for sale? For example, Guyana 2009 - Day 60. Abigail