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Toshokan Anime Club: AniBushidoCon Year One by jmbond01 Toshokan Anime Club: AniBushidoCon Year One by jmbond01
With the first AniBushidoCon storyline in my webcomic (, I had the enjoyable task of designing cosplay for most of the cast.  It was fun and challenging coming up with ideas that fit the personalities of some, while others were more guilty pleasures.

This is Tiffany's Gundam costume which, to be perfectly honest, isn't my best work.  It's also not very Gundam-like except in certain areas, and the proportions certainly aren't right.  The waist is too short, which makes it look cartoony.

But having said that, I purposely designed it this way.  In a storyline where I was going to potentially have to draw this over and over and over again, I wanted to keep it more simplistic than a typical Gundam design yet retain features to give it a Gundam feel (the head piece in particular).  With the exception of Lee's, most everyone's cosplay isn't very time intensive (even Celeste's Samus costume, which you would think would take forever but doesn't).

But a Gundam is a machine, which means precise lines and little room for movement.  So I kept it a bit cartoony so I would have some flexibility to actually move Tiffany around without it being a huge pain in the butt.

Also, I didn't see the need for this cosplay to be accurate.  The reality is not all cosplay is perfect, and it's okay to have at least one character have an 'okay' attempt at a costume.
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December 25, 2014
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