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Celtic Knot Tutorial

A simple tutorial showing all the steps I take to create my Celtic knots.
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Thanks for this tutorial, it's very inspiring. However, being rather anal, I must have symmetry. :(

Excellent tutorial, thank you.
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Thanks for this tutorial!!! :)
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I found this a very helpful tutorail! I guess there are much more complicated methods to create more complicated patterns, but this is easy to start with if you want to use some knotwork for a simple decoration. I messed up a couple of times before I really got it, but now I'm using some of my first self-made knots in [link] Thanks a lot! :)
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Glad I could help
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Thanks for this :D
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your welcome
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Hmm, similar to my method but I think my grid lines are shifted by half a unit, i.e. instead of a 4*4 like you, I have half square, 3 full square, half square. Step 5 I do a tad different as well.

As to getting a single strand knot, you know this [link] is a single strand because the width and height of the starting grid, 9*14, does not have common multiples. Anything that DOES have common multiples will have multiple knots, i.e. 3*3, 4*16, etc. That's assuming you just use the basic cross weave; once you start cutting the knot and doing interesting patterns, which is what knot work is all about, it gets dodgey after that.

I got that tid-bit of knowledge from George Bain's "Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction." That's the most practical to the traditional style knots I've seen. Out of curiosity, how did you learn your knot work? I know there are many tutorials online but I've yet to see one that handles complex single weaves. You know there is a way since that's how 99% of the Celts did it. Then again, they were masters of the art...

And if you get bored, I made a tutorial for a more... I wouldn't say advanced knot, but it's a bit trickier to make since the ribbon thickness varies. Try it out sometime! [link]
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I have yet to find a 'method' that produces a single strand. The only way I can do it is by being careful and spending tons of reworking the design... As you said, when you start to skip intersections and make intersections that aren't in the gird everything goes to hell and it's damn near impossible to get a single strand.

The one way I've done a complex knot in a single strand is by going at it freehand (I never finished it), but to do this I had to be extremely careful and envision the finished knot as I drew the starting line (step 4's line). I could never have attempted that without doing half a dozen with the above method first. The one useful tutorial I found when I first started these is Christian Mercat's online tutorial . But I've modified his method to be less confusing...

I like your tutorial. I've attempted to do a knot like that, but it was more of an experiment to see if i could make a spherical wasn't great.

One of my favorite by accident singles strands is the golden ratio knot. I think if the Celts had a method it was mostly skill, and patience.

On a two part side note:
1. I know when I first learn this stuff, I saw that someone had done some mathematical analysis of knots, I never looked further into it, but that may fix the single strand predicament.
2. I don't know if you've ever used MS Visio before, but I was goofing around in it and made some interesting knot pieces that can just be moved into place to form some interesting knots.

Thanks for the excellent comment and questions.
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very easy to undrstand, witch is very good:D
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Thanks, that was the idea...most people want to use this as a minor decorative element in their works, so I figured I'd make it easier so it would take them as long.
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np:) you are smart..XD
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Great tutorial. I always wondered how they made patterns like this and you just gave me an answer. Your tutorial is easy to follow and Im plan to use to use the celtic knot now that I know how to.
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Thanks. Glad it helps. If you need any inspiration for your own or have questions, look in my gallery or leave a comment.
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