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Like infinite worlds

Faber-Castell color pencils

12 cm x 20 cm approx.

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This is awesome. I love what you did here.
jmb-visual-arts's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it :)
awesome43's avatar
You are welcome.
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Faber-Castell? Jodeme!! :XD: Te zarpas nena! RE COPADO! :wow: muy lindo pintas! :meow:
jmb-visual-arts's avatar
Jajaja mil gracias! Pobres los Faber-Castell, están sobrevaluados!! jajaja esta es una caja de 36 lápices así que hay bastante variedad de colores :)
Luna-Fantasma's avatar
Yo tengo la de 24 y he pintado varias cosas... DEBERIA hacer algo de vualta. Lo q pasa es q estoy copada con la tableta y hago más arte digital por ahora.
rolthomaster's avatar
Buenisimoo! Pintas re bien!
Riemea's avatar
Great work! I really like the colours you used and the contrast they created, and I love how there's no real outlines confining the drawing and creating a certain openness :love: Very well done!
jmb-visual-arts's avatar
Thanks, glad you like it!
Riemea's avatar
You're welcome :)
YummyKitty's avatar
Came to see the gallery of the person who was so nice to help me out in the comments section of that DD today. What a pleasant surprise, you're very talented! I thought this was a photo from the thumbnail. And that fact that it's traditional makes it even more impressive. You have a lot of beautiful traditional pieces from what I can see.
jmb-visual-arts's avatar
Aww, you are very sweet to say that. I'm glad you like it, its one of my personal faves to be honest :)
demonportal's avatar
As soon as I saw this I knew it was Hayden Panettierre's eyes. :)
nataliecourbete's avatar
Anda, que tonta soy, pero si eres de Argentina!! Y yo haciendo la pastrana y escribiendo en inglés.... aiiiiiiiis xD

Besitos desde España!
jmb-visual-arts's avatar
Jajaja a mi también me pasa :D
Gracias por tu comentario!!
nataliecourbete's avatar
de nada...!!! es gratis! xD
nataliecourbete's avatar
her eyes are wonderful... :heart:
Thea-Nu's avatar
Wow great work!
llllauraa's avatar
wow, amazing, love those colors :)
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