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Lovely Duet

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Edward and Anna are such a happy couple! C:
They are singing while Edward plays his harp.
I wanted to do a happy scene because all the Final Fantasy game is kinda sad... specially Edward's story... D:

So, this is a VEEEERY belated art trade I've done with *AAFernandez. (I feel so embarassed now... It took me so long to do this to her... )
But, at least I did it, right?! (And now I'm drawing and coloring way better than before, so, I can give her a decent pic.)
I really hope you like it! X3

Edward Chris Von Muir, Anna Von Muir (c) Square Enix
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Sep 1, 2012, 3:29:42 PM
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OMG I love it dude!
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Oh my... thank you so much!!! It means a lot!
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Prince Edward is my favorite character!
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Aaaah, really!?
I can't choose between Kain and Edward, they are both soooo awesome!
(thanks a lot for the comment! Means a lot! :3 )
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Well I chose because I always play as a Bard and I remember playing it on the SNES and Edward being my favorite character. I love the melody of the lute even though he plays a harp in the game but for some reason plays a lute?
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AFAFAFEFWEFWWERGRSAGSSGAS. And other assorted words. ^___^;

This is BEAUTIFUL. ;____; I LOOOOVE the colouring. :heart:

Thanks so much for drawing it for me! :glomp: I'm seriously at a loss for words right now! This definitely made my night! :nod:

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Hahahahaha! Hope they are good words! XD

Aaaah, I'm so glad you liked it, April! Hehe, thanks, I'm trying to improve everyday!

You are very welcome! Really, you shouldn't thank me... it took me so long... I feel so embarassed... SO SORRY!!!
Aaawn, really? Thanks! I'm very happy that you liked it!

You are mostly welcome! It was a pleasure doing it for you!
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This is so beautiful :iconiloveyouplz:

*I saw it before everybody muahahahahahah* :iconhurrplz:
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Thank yoouuuu!!! The coloring is all thanks to you! Thank you for teaching me, I really appreciate it!

*the finished one no, just the WIP* XD
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Ohh sweetie, it was nothing. You know almost everything. I just gave you the final chapter :P

*Ohh bummer! u.u I thought I had luck this time*
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Hehe, X3 Nooope, I know almost nothing.. ;A; You gave me some really useful tips!

*hurr hurr! But you helped me with the colors, so that counts! *
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WOW. Just WOW, Glenn ~ ! ;A;
The amount of details in this drawing is crazy ! The background, their outfits, their expressions and poses ... Simply beautiful ! ;v;
I love how her hand is placed on his leg ~ Very cute ! ;u;

And of course, like usual, the colouring is gorgeous !
You're really improving, Glenn ! All the time C:

Fantastic job on this !!
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Mandiiii, thanks! X3
I like detailed things! Yours pics are always so very detailed too! I love them!
Hehe, I put a lot of effort on this. I wanted to make a background with more details, though. Maybe a tree or something.
Argh, I'm so glad you liked it!
Yeah, I couldn't find another way of making them have contact. C:

Ooooh, Mandi, I'm so very glad you liked it! I'll keep practicing my coloring, so it'll look even more real.
It's so good to hear that! It means my trainings are working! You are always improving, Mandi, your pics get more perfect all the time!

Thank you so much! ;v;
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This is amazing
I love the colloring
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Aaaah, thank you Nikkie!!! Means a lot!
Hehe, I'll keep practicing, so I'll improve everyday! X3
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