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Star Wars: Rogue Leader


I wanted to make a tribute to one of my favorite Gamecube games of all time and one of my favorite battles in Star Wars.

The type "Rogue Leader" was custom made. I made this mostly in Adobe Illustrator.

If you want to check out how this was made check it out at my Behance gallery:…
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God I'd love a remake of these games. 
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Unfortunately looks like EA is the only one with the power to do it :(
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Maybe Nintendo can make a deal of some kind with EA, since the Rogue Squadron series has been primarily on their consoles.
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I love this game! The third is my favorite.
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I never played the third. Just the first two. I want an HD remake so bad....
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Same, although the graphics still hold up well for me.

Probably because the Y-wing is always good looking, but...
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There's an X-wing in the center background, just above the title, that's missing an s-foil. I don't think you intended that, it doesn't look battle damaged.

Also, this is awesome.
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Ah yea that. I do believe I was referencing a toy X-Wing I have and when I put it at that angle you couldn't see the s-foil that you're talking about...Or maybe I did miss that one. But thanks anyways! :D
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Great tribute to a great game! Red Leader you are a go!
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I love when something like this is getting submitted to my Game-Art-HQ group. Always awesome to see appreciation for a good game, especially when it is old through the art and talent of a fan.

Kudos to you!
jmardesigns's avatar
Thank you very much! 
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