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Finally Finished

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 2, 2009, 1:05 AM

FINALLY!!! Okay, so big deal, but hey, going through a backlog of 11,000 deviations in my devwatch was no walk in the park.  I didn't just delete them all, I actually went through and viewed them all.  A lot of great new favorites found along the way.  Some awesome stuff has been submitted that I'm glad I caught up on.

So as far as personal life, been doing some catching up there too.  Starting to get through my backlog of video games I've wanted to play for awhile and never got around to.  Now that I've got both the PS3 and XBOX 360 set up in my room I can easily play all the best games that came out.  And also been using my PSP a good amount lately as well.  Resident Evil 5 is the game I'm currently working on, although I might get into Mercenaries 2 before too long.

So as exciting as that update is, wait there's more!  Actually there's nothing more, but if you want to see some emo blogs and whiny entries, and what's going on with me personally, check out my website

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Hey, look who's still alive!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2009, 1:43 AM

It's me!  Yeah, I have returned again to DeviantArt.  And once again I've found my devwatch overrun with a ridiculous amount of deviations that I've let pile up.  When I first checked back in, it was about 11,000 devations.  I've been working at getting it knocked down, and got it around 6,800 now, so progress is being made.  Oh and I've noticed a lot of neat changes around DeviantArt, including this new journal skinning ability.  Very cool stuff.

As far as what I've been up to?  Not much, my life continues on as normal.  I did return recently from a trip to Arizona to meet my best friend Jackie.  The excuse for going out to meet her was to go see the midnight showing of the Harry Potter movie.  Had a good time while I was out there, we were able to hang out and go do a couple fun things.  I'll probably be uploading a couple of the photos I liked best from the trip here, along with some older photos I never got around to uploading.  

As always though more regular updates can be found on my personal website

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Well, I finally cleared out my huge backlog of deviations and messages from my devwatch over the past couple months (only about 7500 deviations, all of which I did go through).  

Anyways, so now I'm back on top of things and trying to get caught up on the stuff that happened outside my devwatch.  So I'm going through the Daily Deviations that were given out from now till when I stopped checking (about Oct 1st).  A lot of good stuff I've missed and a lot of great artists.  So I'm updating my devwatch with a bunch of new artists and deviants that I'll be finding.

Okay, that's about it for now, not a lot of new news for me.  If you wanna know more check out my site
Happy New Year All!  Hope it's starting out well and may it a blessed and prosperous year for you all!

I've finally gotten my butt back on DeviantArt after several months of avoiding it.  The reason I had been avoiding it began stupidly enough.  I used to visit every day, making sure to see what goodies DA had brought that day, but one day I missed coming.  And the next day I missed again.  And so I missed a few days in a row.  Now the problem is that I currently have well over a 100 active deviants on my devwatch, which means every day I get a ton of deviations to check on.  So if I miss a day or two, suddenly I have a ton to go through.  And well it soon piled up and I didn't ever have the time to go through and clear it out and get caught up, so I basically avoided the work (yes, I'm a lazy idiot).

So I figured I'd start the new year right and get back on track and get back involved here.  Starting count for the devwatch when I started was about 7500 deviations, 65 messages, and 4 notes.  So far I've gone through all the notes and messages and I'm down to about 1700 deviations left.  And I am going through every single one to make sure I don't miss any of the awesome deviations everyone submitted over the time I was gone.

Anyways, it's been fun going through everything, alot of fun stuff I am catching up on.  Look forward to a great 2008 and a lot more DA fun!
Merry Christmas everyone and have a Happy New Year!  To those who received a DeviantART subscription I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.  It's my little Christmas gift to ya'll, trying to give back to this great community and encourage all the great photographers and artists to keep them coming so the rest of us can enjoy them!  
In the past I've given away random deviantart subscriptions to people who I thought would enjoy them, and so far they all have.  Anyways, with it being Christmas time coming up, I figure I'd give away some again to people that want one.  So if anyone reads this journal, listen up :)

I'll be giving away 5 "3 month subscriptions" to 5 people that are on my deviantwatch (I'm watching you), or have me on their deviantwatch (you're watching me).  I considered making it a contest, but that's not very Christmasy spirit, so I figured I'd just give 'em away for free.  All you gotta do is note me here (or contact me via any method listed below in my information).  Oh, this offer only is good until Dec. 25th of this year, and first come first serve, only the first 5 I hear from will get a subcription (all I can afford, sorry!)

It should go without saying, but this only goes for people who don't currently have a subcription, this is so you can enjoy and experience all the cool features DA Subcribers have.  This way I'm able to help you all out and able to help give back to this community that I'm proud to be a part of.

I figure this won't get read much, so in the event 2-3 subscriptions aren't taken, I'll just randomly give out one "1 year subscription" to someone on my devwatch.  Either way, Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your family, friends, and loved ones!
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Well, things didn't quite turn out the way I'd hoped from my last journal.  That job never worked out and I'm stuck back at the old one.  Thought I would've been able to climb out of this rut I'm in, but it appears I just slipped back in.  Kinda lost on what direction I'm going to go with my career and stuff, dunno where to go and what I want to do.  Ah well, I'm sure something will work out, it better.

Been spending way too much time on DeviantArt lately.  Been trying to expand my devwatch to cover so many of the great artists and photographers here on DA, which means I have a ton of deviations to go through every day, but it's great to see some of the amazing stuff people submit.  Also been trying to get back to my old DA habits and browse through the "new submissions" so I find and try and comment/critique submissions from deviants who might not get as much exposure or comments.  I find that there are a ton of great artists/photographers on DA that are just waiting to be discovered.

I haven't had a great chance to do much submitting myself however, not much to submit.  I'm no artist, and I don't have time to get out and take photos that I'd like to take (nor do I have the expertise/equipment to take awesome photos like a lot of people here on DA), and it's been a long time since I've sat down and done any writing.  I've also gone through and cleaned up my gallery and moved some of the old junk into scraps.
Well, another era of my job resume has come to an end.  Quit my job of the past 3 or so years.  This morning was officially my last day.  I've learned a lot working at the grocery store, going through the union labor strike, and also experienced the other side of the workplace working graveyard shift.  While the company I worked for may have sucked balls (I think that's the technical term), the company of people I worked with were for the most part something I'll genuinely miss.

But it's time to move on, and I will be starting a new job as an union electrician, beginning a ~5 year apprenticeship that will result in me having a career that I can afford to live on comfortably and if God wills, support a family in the future.  I think I will enjoy doing this job, as I will be learning an actual trade and something that I get to do with my hands.  As much as I love computing and being lazy, I'd hate working at a desk job.  I'm a blue-collar worker, I think maybe I was born in the wrong time, I'd probably be perfectly happy back in medieval times as a blacksmith or something like that.

Also an interesting time on a personal level.  Through the past few years, I've really come to re-evaluate what friendship and romantic relationships mean to me.  I've become much more resolved in what I look for in both, and it's come at the price of friends and people I once knew.  I believe that the people I keep as friends are ones that will be there for a lifetime.  As far as romantic endeavors, I'll keep my eyes open for "the one".  I'm secretly a hopeless romantic (a manly man nonetheless), and believe there's someone out there that's a perfect fit for everyone.  And until I meet her, I'm still happy enough on my own to sustain until that time.  I'm in no hurry, besides, I'm gonna be busy building up my empire from the ground wire up!
I don't know where to start or what I'm going to say.  I just gotta write something.  Get it out, out of my head where it runs around and never stops or goes away.  I hate admitting when I feel bad or depressed.  So many other people feel depressed and I don't want to bother people to worry about me.  It's just that now I'm feeling downer and more depressed than I think I've ever felt.  Normally I get down, but after awhile I get better, things turn up, like they do with just about everyone.  This time it seems like it's not letting it up.  It's like, the pressure of it keeps adding on, there's no getting around it, nothing to do to stop it.  I usually am able to keep my eyes on positive things and just let the depression past and that works.  But it's not working this time.  I wish it was at least something specific I was upset over, something I could deal with.  Instead it's everything and nothing at the same time.  Nothing is working, nothing's going right, nothing to look forward too.  I just sit here, day in and day out.  The world goes on outside my room while I just sit here and it all passes by.  No one to talk to, nothing to do.  Work is the only thing that breaks the monotony of sleep and staring at this screen.  I guess it's even more depressing knowing that as much as I want to die and end everything, I know I couldn't do that, I wouldn't want to do that.   On top of all that is a broken heart, not from a breakup or that, but just being broken and beaten down by life, what's life worth living if you got no-one to love and be loved by?  Man, this is a pitiful woe-is-me journal, sorry if you wasted time reading it, I'm sure you could find thousands more people going through serious problems elsewhere.  I'm just feeling...
Hey, just wanted to get the opinion of anyone who reads this about a piece I've written.  It's an extremely personal written piece and I use names of people I know in it (no-one on DA ;)).  I highly doubt they will read it as I'm sure they probably don't check deviantart, but I know of one that might check DA, but I don't know if they'll check my stuff.  If they were to read this it would be a big deal and change alot of friendships.  But I feel the piece has some literary quality to it and is something I feel I need to share with someone.  So I guess my question would be should I a) not submit it, no worries, b) submit, but change the names or leave names blank, or c) submit it as is and let the work stand and chance someone reading it who I don't really want to read it.  (if you read it you'll understand why the desired anonymity).  Please use the poll here to vote on how you think and leave me a comment letting me know how you feel.  If the vote ends up being to not submit it, and anyone is (crazy enough) interested in reading it just message me.  Thanks for your opinions and help!
Hmm, just wanted to update this thing since it'd been awhile.  I'm writing more again, which is cool, I'll try and get more submissions up here.  And once I figure out how to use Photoshop to merge photos for a panorama shot I'll have a pretty cool one to submit.

Life's been kinda routine lately, same thing day in day out so not much to say here.  Work, school, eat, sleep.  Only big thing is that for my birthday (9-20) I got a couple new books and movies to keep my free time occupied (when I'm not out with my friends and all, but my work usually conflicts with their plans).
Okay, fun quiz for you to fill out and comment on, at the request of Shay.  If you don't know me that well, then just skip on by this quiz.  Thanks.


1) Who are you?

2) Are we friends?

3) When and how did we meet?

4) How have I affected you?

5) What do you think of me?

6) What's the fondest memory you have of me?

8 ) How long do you think we will be friends?

9) Do you love me?

10) Do you have a crush on me?

11) Would you kiss me?

12) Would you hug me?

13) Would you ever make out with me?

14) Physically, what stands out?

15) Emotionally, what stands out?

16) Do you wish I was cooler?

17) On a scale of 1-10, how hot am I?

18 ) Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

19) Am I lovable?

20) How long have you known me?

21) Describe me in one word.

22) What was your first impression?

23) Do you still think that way about me now?

24) What do you think my weakness is?

25) Do you think I'll get married?

26) What makes me happy?

27) What makes me sad?

28 ) What reminds you of me?

29) If you could give me anything what would it be?

30) How well do you know me?

31) When's the last time you saw me?

32) Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

33) Do you think I could kill someone?

34) Do you think I would kill someone?

35) Are you going to put this on your deviant journal
and see what I say about you?
Hey, thanks for stopping by!  Plenty to           see... if you're really bored.

Check out this out - The Very First Deviation!…


Whoo hoo!  My website is back up and running!  Go! Check it out now!!


If you use litestep, I would recommend   keeping an eye on voodoochild and his   Manticore theme in development, looks   to be pretty cool when it's done.
Hey, thanks for stopping by!  Plenty to           see... if you're really bored.

Check out this out - The Very First Deviation!…


Interesting stuff on  deviantArt  lately, been doing a lot of  commenting  and chatting it up in  #devart and  #deviantart, and hitting  the forums a  bit.

It's funny, there are so many deviants   who will most likely never get noticed   by the general public, and there's so   many who are yearning for anybody to   give their stuff a look.  I like the   trend of people who are out there   trying to help out and give attention   to some people who may feel like   they've been overlooked.  If you're   here reading this, and want some   comments, let me know, I'll give it a   look and try my best to comment on your   work(s).

A lot of people want to get popular and   well known on DeviantArt, whether it  be  because they want to be popular  with  other people, want attention  drawn to  their pieces, or just want to  feel like  a part of the community.   Well, for  anyone who wants to know how  (which  I've seen a lot of forum posts  asking)  here it is again.  (Foolproof  method  btw   )  The key word is Interaction

1) Comment on other people's works (A   lot!).  If you expect to have people   look at your stuff, you gotta get out   there and check out theirs.  If they   don't know who you are, they can't   check out your stuff.  But if they see   your name commenting on their works   they'll be likely to at least stop by   and say thanks, maybe even comment on   your stuff.

2) Hit up the forum and shoutbox with   posts.  Many people hang out here, and   if you go on there and converse with   people, then they get to know about you   and what opinions and what you have to   say.  They'll be more likely to talk  to  you personally, check out your  page, or  comment on your stuff if they  know you  or see your name over and  over again.

3)  Head on over to #devart chat room   on IRC (use [link] or something like it   to access).  A lot of people hang out   there and it's a good way to interact   with everyone on a more personal level   cause you actually get to talk to them.    Great way to make friends and get to   know other people.

Basically, like I said, all you gotta   do is go out there and interact with   other deviants, make friends, get to   know people so they can get to know   you.  Of course if you have incredible   pieces of art or poetry, you'll   probably get noticed by people just   casually surfing, but sometimes even   the best stuff gets overlooked because   no one knows that person.

And don't get discouraged, it takes   time (lots)!  I don't think I'm up on   the popular level, nor even known by   many.  But I've made a few friends, and   I'm starting to get to a point where   people know me.  But remember, there's   no popularity contest here, and you   don't need to be popular.  My reasons   are so I can immerse myself fully into   this awesome website, get to know   people and be friends with them.  Of   course I'd like attention for my   pieces, but it's cool if I don't.  Just   keep it all in mind that popularity   isn't all important.  Do your best,   make friends, get to know DA and DA   will get to know you.

Oh yeah, Eternal Darkness for the   Nintendo Gamecube is the best game out     there for consoles right now.  Just   awesome  .  

Work's fine.  But getting repetitive   and boring.  Plus it's fustrating   seeing this girl I really like, because   she's already someone else's   girlfriend, so I gotta respect that and   not try anything.  Just gotta figure a   way to get rid of him now  

A good friend BeyondThoughts recently   left deviantART for personal reasons.    He took down all  his works, but gave   me permission to submit the one piece   "Hollow" to DAprints for printing.  I   may resubmit it here also because it's   a great piece, and a nice show of his   talent (which is incredible, DA lost a   great artist).  I'll miss ya man.


If you use litestep, I would recommend   keeping an eye on voodoochild and his   Manticore theme in development, looks   to be pretty cool when it's done.
Hey, thanks for stopping by!  Plenty to          see... if you're really bored.

First off, much love goes to    BeyondThoughts who did an amazing job    using one of my poems.  He's one of the    coolest artist on here, with some    amazing pieces.  If you value anything    good and decent, check him out and his    stuff!

btw, the piece is here, give it a look    too   : [link]

If you use litestep, I would recommend  keeping an eye on voodoochild and his  Manticore theme in development, looks  to be pretty cool when it's done.

On a personal note, I've been working a  few extra days lately so I've been  unable to get that much done.  I've  spent nearly all of today on deviantart  commenting on stuff and getting my  devwatch cleared.

My 4th of July party went off pretty  well, played many basketball games,  great dinner, fireworks (both  professional and our own :D (Big Grin)  ).   Hopefully I'll get a picture or two up  if any came out real nice.

I should have a couple days off to  relax, so I hope to finally get some  more writing done, which I've been  hoping to get up, so hopefully look  forward to that (if ya like my  writing).

I've also recently put together  (assembled) some furniture for my room,  so everything's nice and organized.

Oh yeah, Eternal Darkness for the  Nintendo Gamecube is the best game out  there for consoles right now.  Just  awesome Jawdrop  .
Hey, thanks for stopping by!  Plenty to        see... if you're really bored.

First off, much love goes to BeyondThoughts who did an amazing job  using one of my poems.  He's one of the  coolest artist on here, with some  amazing pieces.  If you value anything  good and decent, check him out and his  stuff!

btw, the piece is here, give it a look  too :D (Big Grin)  : [link]
Hey, thanks for stopping by!  Plenty to     see... if you're really bored.

Been having a great time getting to    know and interact with all the other    people here on Deviant Art.  Met so    many great artists and other people,    and the daily flow of such incredible    artwork and written works are    astounding.  

Check out the works of the following    people, well worth your time to give    them a look:

asciwhite, beyondthoughts, digitaltwist   , faerynatasha, iphrozen, iria,    spookyclowngod, syntheticforms,    tomgehrke, voodoochild, xkorruptx

Been working a lot lately, trying to    save up some cash so I can go spend it    all foolishly  .  So having trouble    getting much of my writing down on    computer.  Although I had a wicked    dream the other night that I managed to    get down on paper before I forgot  when   I woke up.  It's pretty  disjointed in   it's dream form, but I  think I'll be   able to pull it  together and throw in   some parts to  come up with a cool story   (although a  bit gruesome at times).

In other news, I've been working on my    website and managed to fix and work  out   a couple problems that were  causing it   to be down for the moment.   Hopefully   I'll be able to finally  set it up the   way I'd like to be able  to and not have   to have past worries  about space and   bandwidth.
Hey, thanks for stopping by!  Plenty to see... if you're really bored.
(If someone could take a screenshot of the thousand pageview mark that'd be much appreciated.)

Finally finished school for the    semester and out for the summer, and    what's the first thing I do to    celebrate?  That's right, I work    Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday,    afternoon to past midnight.  NOT    PRETTY.

Go LAKERS!  Whoo!  Way to go on winning    the series, made me a good amount of    cash!  Uh...I mean, made me happy    because they're my favorite basketball    team.

Much thanks to everyone who's commented    on my stuff, I've tried to be sure to    thank you for them personally.  Also    thanks to those watching me and    commenting on my stuff, it's much    appreciated, anyone reading this should    go check them out: ~bookie-chan,    ~beyondthoughts, *faerynatasha, ~d69,    *voodoochild, ~matic.

Much thanks and I'm humbled to have a    piece dedicated to me (among others) by ~beyondthoughts.  Give it a look:    [link]

I'll be trying to get more writings up,    only reason I got more photos is    they're easier to come by  .

Thanks again to all, and much love to    you all ('specially faerynatasha and  beyondthoughts)


Music   If you are bored and you know it,  and you really wanna show it, click  here: [link]  Singing
Finally finished school for the   semester and out for the summer, and   what's the first thing I do to   celebrate?  That's right, I work   Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday,   afternoon to past midnight.  NOT   PRETTY.

Go LAKERS!  Whoo!  Way to go on winning   the series, made me a good amount of   cash!  Uh...I mean, made me happy   because they're my favorite basketball   team.

Much thanks to everyone who's commented   on my stuff, I've tried to be sure to   thank you for them personally.  Also   thanks to those watching me and   commenting on my stuff, it's much   appreciated, anyone reading this should   go check them out: ~bookie-chan,   ~beyondthoughts, *faerynatasha, ~d69,   *voodoochild, ~matic.

Much thanks and I'm humbled to have a   piece dedicated to me (among others) by ~beyondthoughts.  Give it a look:   [link]

I'll be trying to get more writings up,   only reason I got more photos is   they're easier to come by  .

Thanks again to all, and much love to   you all ('specially faerynatasha and beyondthoughts)

:music:  If you are bored and you know it, and you really wanna show it, click here: &nb…: