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My mind is suddenly ripped from it's dreaming to the sun exploding into my room, blinding my eyes and I try to adjust from the sheer darkness of my mind's eye to the brilliant ray of light screaming their way into my retinas. A battle of wills ensues, my brain, in all its infinite wisdom is telling my body that it must move. It sends messengers along the whole nervous system with the urgent news that they must begin firing and moving. That there is simply no option to not comply. The body however has a mind of its own. Like a peaceful protest against crimes against human rights it refuses, it stays put, giving an indignant finger to the wills and purpose of the brain. This monstrous beast of flesh and muscle has finally done what I'd always feared, it has realized that it does not need to bend to the will of some small fragile gray matter that does nothing but send out commands. It has taken on a will of it's own, and it has, by simply doing nothing, shown that it is now it's own master. My eyes slowly close and I'm once again bathed in sweet sweet darkness.

Silence falls for what seems like an eternity, my mind seems to have consented to its defeat and let my body do as it wills. What's that off in the distance? I hear something faint, barely audible, almost as if part of a dream, but no, something is there. My mind grudgingly stirs to see what this new devilry is. Yes, that sound is growing now, a bit louder but still just beyond recognization. The sound continues to stay just on the horizon. The suddenly the sound is at full volume, a repeating siren of pain now drilling it's way into my head. My mind still appears to be nonchalant about the whole ordeal, letting my body do what it wants if it doesn't want to be ordered around, but I suspect that they must have had a hand in this torturous audible demon. My body reacts instinctively, immediately setting off nerves and muscles and I am suddenly an unstoppable machine, working in perfect unison, every last fiber of my being is now on a mission to destroy this new sound and return itself to the blissful slumber that it so longs for.

My brain throws the body a bone, as one would toss a piece of food it finds distasteful to the whimpering dog beneath them. The alarm! YES! My body now lunges out of my bed, and with two quick steps is upon the evil machine that has turned the world upside down. I raise my fist and strike down with all the fury of Zeus casting a lighting bolt towards earth. The noise is now gone, and serenity has been restored.

But what's this, a trick! My mind, my brain, and been playing me for a fool. While my body felt that it was slave to none, it had been tricked into moving. My brain has again taken control of the body's actions, it is now pulling all the strings and commanding the muscles to do what it commands. I fight alongside my body, trying to override the brain and make a dive back onto the bed. If only I can make it another step and onto the comfort of my bed there is no stopping me. While this battle of wills last mere seconds, it seems as if eons pass. My body groans and whines and stumbles back and forth in the room as the command system controlling the body's action is wrestled for control. Finally I give out a small whimper as I've been defeated. My brain has won again, as it has for years on end. The hope of returning to sleep has faded into the distance, gone forever. Once again the body, the mighty and powerful, has succumbed to the will of the brain, a devious and cunning collection of neurons and synapses. It has fully asserted it's control and I begin to go about my daily routine. But secretly, deep down in the recesses of my body where the brain has no knowledge of, my body and I know that the battle may have been lost today, but the war is not over. Our time shall come in a mere matter of hours, and tomorrow shall be our day of independence.

- Julian Lopez, 5/9/2006
An old exercise in writing I did for fun about a year ago. Just enjoyed taking something mundane and making it a little more exciting. This is how I imagine things happen every morning ;).

I didn't check for errors or anything, so sue me if it's got a couple. But any comments/crits are much appreciated.
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July 25, 2007
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