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Weapon of War

Destroying your own brothers does have it's consequences.

Soundtrack: [link]
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Wicked cool take on him and details!
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This is a sign that as a warrior, Megaman has seen many battles. And even the best of the best is likely to receive injuries. And that's what makes Megaman so great.
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He could not save himself./
How could he save us?/
For all the blood he shed/
Your Brother failed us!
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As I live,
There's no evil that will stand!
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There was nothing you could do./
You had no choice.
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If I've a heart made of steel/
Then does that mean I cannot feel?/
Remorse for everything I've done/
My hand's a smoking gun!
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Is that from a song?
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Thanks! I looked up the lyrics and the song is really good!
Perfectly fits this picture.
Amazing work! What thickness setting did you use for your line art?
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It's phenomenal! Excellent work on the expression and attention to detail.
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Nice work. Don't see this side of Rock often; makes you think
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Wow, this is so great
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Bam! Great work.
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Poor Rock, this art has so much emotion. Just wow!
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It really captures the emotional turmoil Mega Man went through,

y'know, if actually did.
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Now that... Is awesome!
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wow great !! i loved megaman series since i was a child, you know these megaman 2D games ? on ps1, but ummm isn't kinda like his head is a little bit big ?but everything else is great
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This is superb work! You can tell just how human the Blue Bomber is, even when he's a robot.
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