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I love Star Wars as a kid and loved watching both the original films and the prequels; however, I never caught up in watching the recen...

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Nice Artwork you have made. As someone who watches certain Disney movies such as Tangled, I must say that the coloring and details are ...

by SeeIe

Hello, I'm from :iconprojectcomment:, All I can say is your amazing. I love the contour lines of the man's hair, the use and balance between tints of whit...



We start off with Jack and Arcee rolling out of the tunnel while the Blue Autobot was proud of Jack for standing up to Vince Brock, a school bully shown in the Transformer Prime series (You know that idiot who keeps throwing burgers at Jack whenever he appears.  Sheesh! Why can't you throw burgers at homeless people or hungry orphans at least?! They're starving for crying out loud!!!) I'm getting off topic! Even Raf and Miko were proud of Jack for standing up to Vince for not going on a race around the circuit late night, which was pretty noble if you ask me; however, we get more information about the bully who used to be Jack's childhood friend as well as Wally West's which we get to meet after Jack's regular schedule. "Hint, hint"

Jack was surprised to see his old buddy at his workplace.  They sit and chat for awhile about their situation with Vince along with their stuff about finding jobs, their fine rides and families.  Afterward, Jack dresses up as Spiderman patrolling the night as he discovered a helpless blonde in distress! He tries to save her when suddenly that girl turns out to be Black Cat, resulting in an extreme fight scene.  The fight was later interrupted when Spiderman sees a familiar car nearly hitting a person and crashing onto the hydrant.  Our web-slinger tries to save him and turns out the driver turns out to be Wally West.  Surprised, Spiderman revived him.  Wally confessed that the reason he raced in the circuit because he needed the money for his uncle's heart transplant.  Spiderman understood but told the driver that's not the way to get cash by going on illegal activities, such as racing, and recklessly endangering people and himself.  While giving Wally some time to think, Spiderman leaped away while our feline fiend gave him an offer.

Wally was lured into an abandoned warehouse where M.E.C.H. was using for the experimental projects.  Realized that he was deceived, Wally was offered a deal by Silas, earning enough money for his uncle's surgery for capturing Spiderman.  To ensure that, Wally was experimented on with the use of Red Energon, and I think many transformer fans know that stuff does to people.  :)

While pondering what Wally had done and had to go through, Spiderman leaped back to help Wally when suddenly a red-and-yellow blur tried to confront him.  Turns out the blur tends out to be a teen wearing red spandex with lightning bolt as a sigil: "DUH DUH DUNNNNNN!!!"

The two fight each other, Spiderman realizes that the costume speedster was no other than his dear friend judging by his voice.  The webslinger tries to confront him and tell Wally that he's been duped by M.E.C.H. and to prove it, Jack revealed himself to the speedster.  Wally was shocked that his friend had a personal secret wrapped in a costume.  Wally and Jack chatted in secret where M.E.C.H. can't spot them.  Wally also mentioned that he's been bugged in the neck to ensure that he won't pull any slip-ups against whom he shook hands with.  So they devised a plan, by making Spiderman "tied bait" for Flash (there I said it!) to prove their end of the bargain!

With M.E.C.H. and Black Cat all together, Wally made his deal to Silas and in return got his money.  Unfortunately, Silas refused to release him since he wanted him for other agendas.  Knowing already a double-cross, Spiderman played his part and bounded all the agents in his web except for a female surgeon.  Spiderman tries to threaten the surgeon in order to get that device off his neck and she suggested Wally to vibrate enough for the device to slide off.  Knowing that he had to take off his outfit, Wally vibrated enough speed and was finally free!  

The two guys were done yet! Black Cat immediately freed Silas and his team and gunpointed on our two heroes.  Luckily, Flash had an idea for an escape by rapidly punching a big roof on top of the elevator.  After that, Flash sped all the way from the warehouse to the Suburbs while carrying his friend.  Jack and Wally was catching their breath and discussed how intense their plan worked.  Knowing that M.E.C.H. knows about Wally and his family, his best friend leaves Jack in order to build a new life.

Whereas, M.E.C.H. decides to relocate.

Overall, this is a great chapter and I like how the author gave, even a meaningless character like Vince, a short side story on how Jack and Wally West used to be friends with him.  Even so, I just like how everything 'connects' like this Wally West got his powers from Red Energon and made him become flash.  Even Wally West was a cool guy! Plus I like the author's humor when he referenced something like Catwoman in Black Cat's discussion with Spiderman! Very creative, I like how this is going....

Do we get to see more of Wally West? What is truly the relationship between Jack and Vince? What more is out there for our HEROES?

Find out and tune in for the next: Digimon: Digital Monsters!!!!

Wait, wait, wait scratch that! That wasn't in there!
Anyway, please tune in for more chapters of

A Marvel Transformation!!!!


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