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SHAY Outfit Sheet

Stock, Sheet, Template

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WARHORSE (powered up)

Super Hero, villain, power

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SSBB Inspired Pose Sketchdump

Super smash bros

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Prima-usa and Ballet-usa


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Papa KFC's big brushes, MOOORE


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Danny Phantom and Randy Cunningham - Heroes United

Team Teen

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Vampire TF (Request)

It was a dark Wednesday night in a small neighborhood. Dylan was walking home from his friend's house, which was a few blocks away. All of a sudden, Dylan felt a gust of wind. He ignored it, but when he felt the wind again along with a few quick footsteps, he started to get suspicious. "If you can hear me, come here in front of me," said Dylan. Dylan followed the sound of the footsteps to a dark alley. He took out a flashlight and looked for the source of the wind and footsteps. "I must be hearing things," said Dylan. He saw a sword and a hat on the ground, so he picked up the hat and put it on his head. "I hope nobody lost this hat," said D


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Toolzz portrait fanart

The Bots Master

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A new beginning

The Dragon Prince

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Breath of the Wild Champions

The Legend of Zelda

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The Powerpuff Girls

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Summer Vibes

The Legend of Spyro

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The Super Hero Squad Show - Moving on Chapter 2

The Super Hero Squad Show – Moving On (Ms. Marvel x Spider-Man) Author's note: For those of you who are wondering about how I'm going to portray Moon Knight's multiple personality disorder, I plan to make it similar to Iceman from Mega Man: Powered Up where he acts like he's talking to someone else. Also, if any of you haven't watched 'The Amazing Spider-Man' film yet, one of the scenes here is based on a scene in the film, so SPOILER ALERT. Just thought I make that clear before anyone asks. Now, on with the chapter! Chapter 2 – Settling in After Deadpool was put to sleep and placed in his bedroom, Spider-Man, Daredevil and Moo

The Super Hero Squad Show

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TMNT - Peacemaker


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How Far Would You Go? (TMNT x Reader)

    Your eyes slowly flutter open as you slowly regain consciousness. Your head feels so heavy and it's throbbing so badly that the pulse seems to just crash against your skull, making you even dizzier. Your limbs feel as heavy as led and every muscle in them is painfully sore. On top of that, you're still bleeding. Throbbing purple and black bruises cover you from head to toe. It just hurts everywhere.    It took a long while, but once your vision clears, you realize you are lying on the cold, hard, dirt floor of a warehouse. The silver light of the moon pours through the cracks and crevasses of the old, abandoned building and a chilling w

TMNT Reader

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Papercraft Tutorial Part 1 of 6

TOW - HTD - Tut

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Fan baby concept


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Rose v3


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Berryberryjimtober 20 Corrupted

TROLLHUNTERS, Tales of Arcadia

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Papercraft Tutorial Part 3 of 6

Tutorials, Tips, Note, Learn - Lesson

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1Ultimate Spider-Man and Friends

Ultimate Spider-Man

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Fan Art - Gaster 'Spressions

undertale deltarune

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underwater Series 8


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Equal Strenght [Villainous feat one of my OCs]


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OC Comic-Arrival Pt3


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New Years Eve Screencap Redraw


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Web Series and Comic

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Jurassic Fist Bump

Wild Kratt's

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Night Crawler


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Yandere Simulator Contest

Yandere simulator

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P2U Spells'n'Magic Base

Your Character Here

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Naruto Inspired Hair Clip (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

YouTube Video

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YW: Yo-Kai Footrin

It was a rather nice sunset just outside of the school as Nate and Katie walked on out together. “Hey Katie,” Nate began, getting her attention, “Thanks for being my partner for this project,” “No problem,” Katie smiled, “See you tomorrow so we can work together on it,” “See you later,” Nate waved. Both of them walked off in different directions, but unknown to either of them, a dark aura began to follow Katie and tailed her home. --- Katie yawned and got into bed, but as she did, the Yo-Kai jumped up and inspirited her… --- It was a bright and early day with Nate headi

Yo-kai watch

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