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Hand Reference - Gloves POV 02

Anatomy Stock, Reference, Tutorial

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Head Turnaround #003 (pose reference)


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Guess Who: A Ghoul School Animation


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Fighting Stance Animation

Animation-charligal-stock Pose Ref

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[REF] General Poses V03

animation _ Rotoscope _ , Video Reference

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Birth of a Nebula


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Fur Versionen Traditionally(choose your favorite!)

Animals Anatomy Poses Reference

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Toto...RO ? (my neighbor totoro)

Anime, Manga

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Long Way to Eden

Arts, Digital-Traditional-Watercolor-Illustration

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Entrance to the unknown

Art,- Fantasy, fantastic, Mythical, Fictitious

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Traditional (mixed media) tutorial

Art illustration tration Lassen

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Foreshortening from Reference

Art - Pose Reference, Tutorial, Note

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Mr. Sea Muffin Reference

Art-Reference-Vault,reference tool turnaround

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Little Nightmares 2- The Lady and The Thin Man

Art Style Challenge

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Koro Senpai

Assassination Classroom

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Glass Sky | AoT x Reader | Ch 1

Glass Sky AoT x Reader Chapter One 12:31AM, Wall Rose     Anything that can go wrong, will. How often had she told herself this? At least once a day, sometimes even more. ___ had discovered the importance of this theory long ago, and now that she was in a dangerous situation every day, it meant even more truth. Even now, with her sitting along the edge of the wall, she could sense the upcoming deaths and problems. For a moment, she wished it weren't so, that these monsters never appeared in the first place. What was a normal life like? How did citizens live? Was the ignorance truly bliss?     Perhaps, in some form, ignorance was bliss. T

Attack On Titan

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Animaniacs: Lilo and Stitch AU 6

AU alternate universe

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Neytiri Avatar


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Sky Custom Box Background


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BATIM New Soul AU Sketches #2

BATIM comic and fanfiction

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Batfamily (DC Super Hero Girls 2019)


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Ben 10

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Reading Room

bendy and the ink machine

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Billy the Cat TF

  Brian was just an average guy who happened to be a cat-lover. He liked any type of cat, not just domestic cats, but wild cats as well. He even liked to watch movies and cartoons about cats. Brian always wanted to have a pet cat, but sadly, he could never seem to afford one. Little did he know however, that his life was about to change. One rainy day, Brian was walking down the street when he saw something peculiar down the alley. He couldn't identify what it was, so he decided to explore the alley a bit. Upon further inspection, the "object" was revealed to be a pair of elbow-long gloves that strangely resembled three-toed paws. The paw-gl

Billy the Cat

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Chapter One ~ Reader x Black Butler

Author's Note: Hello! Thank you SO much for taking the time to read my Reader x Black Butler story! The notes about how to do this are in the description. JUST SO YOU KNOW! First of all, this is YAOI! I will be editing it for the straight version, but for now, only yaoi XD Entirely. Even you, the reader, are a guy. Seriously, the only women in here are Mei-Rin and probably Angela although I don't really know how much she counts. XD I HAVE PREDEFINED THE CHARTERER YOU ARE! The reason for this is because I planned this story a while ago, and the reader doesn't necessarily have all the qualities for this story to work. ANOTHER THING, yes I re

Black Butler

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Commish: Butterfly Remembrance

Bugs Insects

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Bunnicula's family


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Commish: Butterfly Remembrance


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Night and Light Fury Plush Backpack Sewing Pattern


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Mechanical Foot Study


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Road rovers


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PROXY (non-static)

Cities and Countries, Building

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Raptor Sheet


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Blind 42

Character Reference

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Pen challenge! - Just a scratch


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Humans, Always Taking Scans


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Back-View Hoodie Tutorial

Clothing Tutorial

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Jarryd- full length male model pose  reference 3

Clothes Reference

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Phantasma ballet suit


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Material Study

Color Palette

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Afterlifes Chapter 1: The Symptoms


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Cook Food Drink

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DD Calendar

Conceptual Art - Concept art - Mask

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Slender Family x Blind Child Reader Part 1

  You walk into the void, feeling a little off. You are unsure what is happening, but you do not seem frightened by this. Suddenly a voice quietly booms from the darkness. "Sorry for taking so long to submit something. Read the description for reasons." The voice slowly dies down before emerging again, slightly quieter. "If you have a request or question, feel free to comment your request or question. Enjoy." The voice leaves and lets you continue onto the story. You focused your attention to the warm sun through the clearing. The birds chirped their songs happily, making you smile softly. The babbling brook eased your slightly troubled mind

creepypasta, HappyPasta

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Creepypasta proxy

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Spring Toothless and Stitch


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The Grudge of a Wonderful Cat

cuphead and Bendy Mickey Oswald Felix

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Arguing with yourself (Cuphead fanart)

cuphead don't deal with the devil

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