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Textime 1.1 [Rainmeter Skin]


This Rainmeter skin was made (or last updated) in 2014 using rainmeter 2.4 and has not been updated since. Any questions or help needed will not be answered unless fellow Deviant members are able to help you as I am no longer actively working on Rainmeter Skins.  If the Skin is not working properly, feel free to customize and fix it. However you still are NOT permitted to redistribute.  

Requires: Rainmeter 2.4

Skin includes:
• 12 & 24 Hour format
• Window Configuration
• Change color of hour and minutes separately using a color picker in configurations
• Font size range from 0-100. anything larger looks pixelated.

January.27.14 - (1.01) Spelling correction "Forty"

DO NOT: redistribute, edit or claim. for personal use only.
customize at your own risk;; but do not resubmit, or redistribute as your own work.

i fully tested it, but if you find a bug please comment or send me a message.

:dalove: Please favorite this deviation if you use or download
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wallpapers not available plz. share the background wallpaper

hi I cannot change the color 1 & 2. It doesn't show color picker and whenever I try to change the color codes it's going back to default black and white.


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i can't Download it....How To Download it.

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hey turkish language support Please.
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Color picker doesn't seem to work, if I key in a number it doesn't save..clicking the boxes doesn't bring up a picker?
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Is there a way to make the skin align to the left rather than the center? This is to solve a problem where everytime the time refreshes, it overlaps my wallpaper. 👇

2018-07-16 (1) by Commmmon  
Hey I noticed fourty is spelled incorrectly but since no one else has mentioned it in the comments, is there an easy fix? Sorry if there is, Im not very good at this. How can I change it to be 'forty'?
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I thought that was fixed but it might have only been in the version I had for download off my website (thats no longer active).
You can certainly fix it yourself as the text is all graphic based. Just look though the folders and you should find the times broken down individually between hours and minutes.
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There should be a setting to center the skin. There was a version that did this but I Can't seem to find it.
can u do text date?
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whats the font
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is there no way to align this to the far left of my screen?  Here is an example of what I am asking for.
Thanks appreciate any help!
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That's the one reason this skin is not usable..if you move it off screen when it's a big word like TWELVE it will be off screen. If you try to center it based on the largest possible text it will be to the right sometimes.

Shame the text inside doesn't always go to the left of the "frame"...therefore it's not really usable :( 
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Uncheck keep on screen, on the rainmeter menu where you load the skin.
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Cool skin, but is there a method for centering this skin right in the middle? It changes width every time it updates but I can't find my way around it
This is great.THANK YOU!
How do I get it to fit in the corners?
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