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Novella 1.1 Music Player. [Rainmeter Skin]



PLEASE NOTE* This Rainmeter skin was made (or last updated) in 2014 using Rainmeter 2.4 and has not been updated since. Any questions or help needed will not be answered unless fellow Deviant members are able to help you as I am no longer actively working on Rainmeter Skins.  If the Skin is not working properly, feel free to customize and fix it. However you still are NOT permitted to redistribute.  

 Rainmeter 2.4

Works with all of the following music players:
• Foobar
• iTunes
• Media Jukebox
• Media Monkey
• Media Player Classic
• MusicBee
• OpenPandora
• River Media Center
• Spotify
• TTplayer
• Winamp
• Zune.

*Some features aren't compatible with all player types such as the shuffle, repeat, volume and star ratings.

July.07.2013 (1.1) - Fixed right gap that kept the skin from being up against the right side of the screen.
- removed the close button (X) in the top right corner of the skin.
- configuration window added for easier use which now requires you to put in your music player code. If you dont know the code there is a ? question mark there to help you and give you codes of each player type. This decrease the entire skins file size.

DO NOT: redistribute, edit or claim. for personal use only.
customize at your own risk;; but do not resubmit, or redistribute in any way or form.

i fully tested it, but if you find a bug please comment or send me a message.

:dalove: Please favorite this deviation if you use or download
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