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Novella 1.1 Music Player. [Rainmeter Skin]
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Published: January 14, 2013
PLEASE NOTE* This Rainmeter skin was made (or last updated) in 2014 using Rainmeter 2.4 and has not been updated since. Any questions or help needed will not be answered unless fellow Deviant members are able to help you as I am no longer actively working on Rainmeter Skins.  If the Skin is not working properly, feel free to customize and fix it. However you still are NOT permitted to redistribute.  

 Rainmeter 2.4

Works with all of the following music players:
• Foobar
• iTunes
• Last.fm
• Media Jukebox
• Media Monkey
• Media Player Classic
• MusicBee
• OpenPandora
• River Media Center
• Spotify
• TTplayer
• Winamp
• Zune.

*Some features aren't compatible with all player types such as the shuffle, repeat, volume and star ratings.

July.07.2013 (1.1) - Fixed right gap that kept the skin from being up against the right side of the screen.
- removed the close button (X) in the top right corner of the skin.
- configuration window added for easier use which now requires you to put in your music player code. If you dont know the code there is a ? question mark there to help you and give you codes of each player type. This decrease the entire skins file size.

DO NOT: redistribute, edit or claim. for personal use only.
customize at your own risk;; but do not resubmit, or redistribute in any way or form.

i fully tested it, but if you find a bug please comment or send me a message.

:dalove: Please favorite this deviation if you use or download
:points: jlynnxx.deviantart.com/?givepo…
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Comments (53)
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Francesco4125|Hobbyist Photographer
Bel lavoro.
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A bit new to Rainmeter. I I modified the Spotify.ini code to only show the name of artist and song. My PC is 1920x1080 if that makes a difference.

For some reason this only lets me push the labels to a certain extent to the right. How do I change the relative positioning? I've been trying to look online for script to change it but have not had much help.
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Issam612's avatar
Thank you for your awesome work <3
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KionaAura|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm going to try iy..
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maddockt0905's avatar
maddockt0905|Hobbyist Photographer
its not working for me for VLC
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romulopimentel's avatar
Hey there bro, great work.
But I just installed it, and it still shows the X button and it still has the gap on the right side, despite the update notes.
I'm guessing that version is not the updated one? If so, how can I get the most recent one?
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How to download ??
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jlynnxx's avatar
Download button, top right side of the webpage.
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LeSuperKastor's avatar
Hey everybody,

I need your help beacause I use Foobar 2000 v.1.3.8 with skin Fusion beta, but Novella not function.
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boysyed's avatar
How do I get this to login with my last.fm account?
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jlynnxx's avatar
To be honest, idk because i've never used last fm, sorry on the huge delay with replying since im not much help lol
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SirFrolo|Hobbyist Interface Designer
Weird Problem For Me. I'm using this for Spotify, and none of the album art pictures will load, or the time in the song, or volume, basicly all i get from this is the name and album. Am i doing something wrong? Plz help
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not really sure why that would happen. I never use spotify but maybe double check that spotify and rainmeter are up to date with the latest version (not beta).
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Customs-n-RandomnessEdited |Hobbyist Interface Designer
i figured out why that is happening. The spotify variant is configured wrong. It's using the wrong plugin and the wrong measures. I got it working with some modifications, but most of this skin still isn't supported for use as a spotify player skin.
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Ahh okay. I don't use spotify so I was never able to fully test it myself. 
It could maybe have something to do with the fact that this was designed with an older version if RM, and they've possibly made some changes. 
I have such a huge to-do-list with cleaning up and fixing my RM skins, maybe one day ill get around to it.
But thank you for letting me know. I probably never would have figured this out.
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can you drag the volume instead?
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2a2nd|Student General Artist
this is very much what I was looking for. Thanks man !
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for WMP what the code
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axillakos1's avatar
can u help me?? 
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jlynnxx's avatar
What do you need help with.
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ty for this :D but i have again problem i dont find anywhere this window Novella Configuration and this MUsicPlayerCode-Notepad i have problem with program rainmeter??
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if you got the download from here on deviantart it may no have the upgraded version where i added the configuration which is much easier to use. 
delete the Novella file out of your rainmeter folder (should be in your documents by default) and then redownload Novella from here neon-ink.net/resources/rainmet… that will include the Configuration window that i screenshot in the previous comment :) hope this helps, if not just reply back and well figure it out.
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Guys plz help me i dont undrestand how to use it with vlc madeia player!!just say to me the steps one by one!! xD
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