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Yay! I finally decided to join DeviantArt.
    For a good while I've been scrolling through the millions of masterpieces featured on the site, fascinated by the talent and diversity found throughout the many layers of DeviantArt's nearly never-ending array of artists and prodigies. And ever since I learned about it (via a Sketchbook Pro app I downloaded on the iPad), I've been wanting to join the large and happy family.
    As an artist, I find myself learning about a whole new realm—a gateway to the depths of the mind and its imagination—as I soar through my own art adventure. Art is such an odd thing. For some people, it's a hobby. For others, its a life. Art is amazing because not one person can say they don't understand it. Art can appeal to or touch anyone. Art can open up even the strongest doors of locked-away emotions, or stimulate thought and ideas in somebody, or just make them smile. I love art because it's a way I can express what I'm feeling. Maybe if I'm having a hard day, I do a quick sketch to get something out of my system. Or maybe I draw a thought that'll make me feel better. Or maybe I make someone else feel better with a goofy doodle or powerful message.
    Art has that power to make people change. Change their feelings toward something, change their perception of themselves or other people, change the way they thought about something. That's why art is so important—no matter what form it comes in. A sketch, a painting, a digital piece, a photograph, even a song or a poem or a piece of writing. Art does something to people that nothing else really can. It does something that I can't even put into words. You've just gotta see it for yourself. 
    So with open arms, a wide smile, and a now-empty gallery (eesh), I am happy to announce this new chapter in my life-changing art adventure! Thank you, DeviantArt, and thank you everyone on it!
    ~jb ;)