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Smart Rarity Approves

Smart Rarity approves of your work. :3

My first Rarity vector, and I'm actually quite happy with it :)

Sorry if any lines are slightly off, I had several heart attacks from the 'DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW' this pose causes. :3
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May I use this for a signature, I'll link back
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Rarity shouldn't look that damn good in a turtleneck. Then again, it's Rarity! xD
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This is a copyrighted character. I'm gonna tell Lamar Smith on you.
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SOPA is dead. *rollseyes*
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It is? You fuckin' with me? Or did they really vote it down?!
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Please oh please don't tell me you support it!
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Aw, hell naw! Smith needs his ass kicked for this. I just wanna hear for a fact that SOPA is rotting in its unmarked grave.
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Phew :P nearly had me going then xD

For a while it looked like it was dieing in an uncontrollable fire. But then Megaupload got shut down earlier today. So now I'm not so sure. SOPA will be revisited in February as far as I know. I just hope it doesn't pass.
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