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Muffin RAEP - 20% Derpified

Derpified Derpy assault with Muffins!
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I can't take Ditzy with that glare...
Nick-brick78's avatar
It looks like Derpy wants to flirt with you.
STP116's avatar
RW120's avatar
can i use this for my tumblr?
jlryan's avatar
Yep! Sorry for the late reply~
Emper24's avatar
Would you allow me to use this for an icon?
jlryan's avatar
gah, sorry for the late reply, Yes! you can! :)
Emper24's avatar
No problem ;) Thanks
cjllatt's avatar
um,um,UM~!? someone quick! gimme a muffin!
and to top it off she can fly so where can you really hide? :P
TheMightySqueegee's avatar
I can't look at this and not smile lol
Drgnwolf's avatar
Probably staring at this guy [link]
InsaneSpyro's avatar
Derpy why are you looking at me like that,im not a gaint muffin.....your not taking no for a awnser are you, oh well *Prepares to be derpyfied*
busiek88's avatar
cool face expression, nice work :D
jrrhack's avatar
Cool. I hope to see more of derpy´s art in DA since it seems Hasbro killed her
cshadd's avatar
Something about that face scares me.....Wait what the...
CATSr2's avatar
Something tells me that she's having a staring contest with muffins.
darticianutopia's avatar
*gets assaulted by muffins*
pootiet12345's avatar
baby girl its humans only......

well maybe not if you keep doing that
Xtermanator's avatar
*bends over* my anus is prepared!
WiiKai's avatar
To think once upon a time she was created when an animator screwed up layring eyes on one of them. Now she's a legitament charcter with a voice, fandoms can do anything lets just use our power wisely and not do stupid stuff.
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