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Click here to see a full-color excerpt from THIS SICKNESS #8, in which Suzy Spreadwell shows you how to love your flag:

HAPPY 4th!!!
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For those of you who know who that is: yep. To see the greatest picture in the world, just click here...…
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Hey y'all, Sequart's interview with me was so long it had to be in two parts. In it I speak with Julian Darius about the whole damn 19-year indie comics thing I'm calling a "career." I talk about my early work, my time at Eros, THIS SICKNESS, LULU, UNCLE CYRUS, SUZY SPREADWELL, being censored alla time, and more.

Part 1

Part 2

And in other news, in case you hadn't heard, the most gorgeous anthology of 2016, THIS SICKNESS #8 is out, and features 60 color and black & white pages of comics & art from me, as well as work from Emily Kaplan (the first substantial collection of her paintings & drawings--27 pages of them--in print!), Chad Parenteau, Gianna Ratto, Chris DeWildt, and a brand new lovely cover from MOLLY KIELY!

And you can get it not in stores(though you can ask them to order it from Createspace Direct) right here at Amazon...or Google Play, who did not censor me for once, which given SUZY SPREADWELL debuts in this issue in full blooming color, is fortunate but confusing, as they banned LULU--Book 1 of which is still available in print and at Comixology, with the next chapter appearing in THIS SICKNESS #8.

Working on thumbnails of the next SUZY story now. I usually do them page by page--I do one breakdown, then I do the page--but I'm a little burned out for the time being on drawing as such, so instead I'm using the down time to try doing all the breakdowns before I start drawing the story and seeing how well that works. I'll still play around with it once i start drawing--the flag thing with Suzy in the first one was mostly improvised at the pencil stage and not really in my script. Or the Devil.

All fer now...
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From Google Play, that is, and I'm furious about it. Google Play discriminates against comics, banning content there they completely accept if it were prose. Some of it is gone because it's "adult." But one, LULU, which is a literary work, is gone simply because there's nudity--something you see most times the dam opera is done. There's one thing left. But it's a play, not a comic. All the comics are gone.

First this.

Then this.

And yet Google carries this crap happily.

I did a lot of work to put these up and they basically made all my time meaningless, and there is no appeal.

So, do we just tolerate censorship in comics now? Do we in fact WANT it?

Share these links. I want everyone to know what garbage Google Play are.
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Bottomless Studio needs funds, and space needs to be cleared, so I'm selling a bunch of my original art for book 1 of LULU and a lovely ink wash painting of Vladrushka at EBay.

Click here to look at them and to bid! Thanks!
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My digital reissue of my books--some currently available elsewhere in print and digital, others not available for a long time at all because of censorship--on Google Play continues with the most sought-after (judging by how many have asked when it'll be available) banned book o'mine: VLADRUSHKA no. 1, now with 10 pages of sexy sketches and pinups added, all in color and in black & white.

Click here to find out more!
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Lettered and everything, right here.
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Chapter 4 is now up and live every Friday. Here's the new one one day early.
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Steve Pugh, Jamie Delano, and Martin Pasko all agree: you should own this. What's that? The first volume of my adaptation of the entirety of Frank Wedekind's notorious LULU!

Available now at Amazon, Comixology & Createspace. Order now for Xmas delivery!
Click link for free preview, testimonials, links to buy, and more!…LULU Book 1 Cover (2013) by JLRoberson
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A very nice review I hadn't noticed of LULU Book 1, by one Rachel Brandt at Sound On Sight.…

You can't find LULU in stores. But you can here:…
Continued from last week. Click right hereabouts:…
Enjoy the wholesome adventures of America's favorite pure, patriotic young Christian lady. The first finished color page of the long-promised Suzy Spreadwell is here for your delectation. Click link to see!

...more details on that here:…Strange Fruit, p. 1 (2012) by JLRoberson
Update: there is no more need to give. Thanks to an overzealous vet who was only supposed to do an x-ray but took it upon himself to do a procedure before I okayed it, Sunny is dead, killed by anesthesia that was too much for her weak little body.   

Here are the details whichj I don't want to write again:…

And thank you to anyone who helped. 

(Original post follows:)  

My cat Sunny, whom I love dearly, has a lump on her neck that's been developing slowly over the last month or so. Now it's causing her to have breathing and eating problems, and all her habits have changed. She's obviously very ill, and scared. I live in Berkeley, and there is no such thing as an inexpensive vet here, given that she will also need tests to determine what the lump is. And I have no day job currently, and cannot afford to take her. 

This cat is my best friend and has seen me through some tough times. She's an unusually smart, polite and sweet cat that I owe a lot, and that usually is very calm and happy. I know that sounds silly and she's just a cat, but that's how I feel. She also used to belong to a friend of mine and so I feel doubly responsible for her. She's something good in the world and that is important.

A friend of mine set up this fundraiser page for Sunny. I would appreciate if you would donate however much you can, and share the link. Please go here to find out more, and thank you.

And again, thank you.
Here. a fellow named Robert Leitz. Can't say much else about it. I'll show you artwork once it's OK with him to, but till then, sorry...

Colored Suzy Spreadwell pages to come, then more LULU later this year. Buy Book 1 here:…

Coming soon from Comixology as well, btw! a fellow named Robert Leitz. Can't say much else about it. I'll show you artwork once it's OK with him to, but till then, sorry...

Colored Suzy Spreadwell pages to come, then more LULU later this year. Buy Book 1 here:…

Coming soon from Comixology as well, btw!
...and will be released very soon! Watch for the announcement. In the meantime, it can also be bought in print here:…
Emmet O'Cuana wrote a review of LULU Book 1! More here:…


But most especially this passage:

"Deep down, deep deep down inside of you in the guts of your creative instincts, how do you think you're doing? Are you giving a hundred and ten percent three hundred and sixty-five days a year? Or are you giving seventy-five percent of your best efforts for a period of a week or two and then five or three or NO percent for a month after that? You were sick. That's a lie and you know it. You had a cold for two days that you stretched into three weeks. Your spine wasn't broken. You had a cold. Draw with one hand and blow your nose with the other.

From the home office in Sioux City, Iowa, here's a list of the top ten lies, rationalisations and excuses.

Number 10: Writer's block or artist's block.
This is a failure of will, compounded by fear of failure, centered on laziness. Shut up and draw something.

Number 9: Strategy and development of a concept.
Stop doodling in your little sketchpad and produce something useful.

Number8: Recharging your batteries.
Failure of will, compounded by fear of failure, centered on laziness as an excuse to read comic books and watch television all day.

Number 7: Communing with other artists.
Bitching and whining with other lazy, unproductive people and sharing their lies, rationalisations and excuses as well as a few beers and a joint if any of you are holding.

Number 6: Getting organized.
Shifting piles of useless letters, comic books and fanzines from one side of the room to the other, one at a time so you can read them all and avoid doing any drawing.

Number 5: Collaborating.
Having someone to talk to after you've read all your comics, about pages you aren't drawing until your television show comes on.

Number 4: Consulting/[Critiquing].
Showing the three pages you drew six months ago to the fortieth person and asking them what they think so you won't have to draw the fourth page until Christmas.

Number 3: The Telephone [or Internet].
Productive artists don't have a phone or if they have a phone they unplug it. Unproductive artists take a phone call no matter what they're doing, from anyone. Really unproductive artists take phone calls and MAKE phone calls. The hopeless cases have call waiting so they never have to hang up, swinging from caller to caller through their work day like Tarzan moving up the jungle.

Number 2: Heartbreak.
Get over it. You will get laid again. There are a lot of fish in the sea, blah blah blah blah. Right now, you're right. No one loves you. Lucky you. Get to work.

And drum roll please---

The Number 1 lie, excuse and rationalisation: Electronic media.
Computer games, computer nets, video games, radio, CD players, and the Galactus of electronic media...television. Video games and computer nets are abominable time wasters. They accomplish nothing. They are the black holes of intellectual and creative life. That giant sucking sound you hear is time and attention disappearing into the ether. Take a short cut and strip mine your frontal lobes by shoving an industrial vacuum cleaner up your nose."