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Fallout Pip-Boy 3000 Geiger Meter

I'm making my own pip-boy 3000 for Halloween this year, from scratch, using photos and various other tutorials I've found online.
I am also trying to make a laser rifle, a customized jump suit, a leather pouch, a bottle of buffout, a mentats and a fixer tin, and nuka cola bottle caps. Needless to say, progress is slow.

This geiger meter is one thing on my list of what I need to make my Pip-Boy 3000. It goes in the top left corner.
I looked around for a bit, and I've read that an image like this is available somewhere, but I didn't find it. It seemed easy to make my own anyways.

If anybody needs it for their own hand-made pip boy, feel free to download and print. You might have to size it to fit what you are making.
I added a bit of glow to the lines and symbols, to simulate a backlight, and the grunginess is added to match what is shown in the actual Pip-Boy in Fallout 3. (I'm looking at it in the game at the moment) You can't expect to get anything new in the Vault, so yours is well used. ;)
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Exactly what I was looking for my pipboy!  Thanks so much!!!!
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I'm glad I could help. ^_^