The Huntress

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The lieutenant scratched his head and eyed the woman suspiciously, his sword hand resting on his hilt. "I dunno. Ain't never heard of a female agent of the crown."

"Do you believe there is a reason you should have heard about me?" she asked. Briefly, her irises flashed a yellow gold, and the soldiers face adopted a blank expression.

"No, I suppose not," he said, his voice monotone and soulless. "I'll go see the quartermaster about finding you your own tent," he said, turning and walking back into the camp.

"Are you just going to watch, or do you have something to say?" the huntress asked aloud after the man had left.

"Aww. You're no fun," came a soft voice betraying untold mischief as a form faded into view. The woman was comfortably seated in a nearby tree, lounging like a cat. Her mannerisms suggested she was self-absorbed, but her keen eyes told of her alertness, a glimmer like a star belied a razor-sharp wit.

"Myra." The huntress knew this one, a servant of the chaos domain. Highly dangerous.

"Say, aren't you in the wrong place? Your target is in the other army," Myra purred.

"That's the point, as I think you know," the huntress growled.

"I'm just saying, wouldn't it be easier to do your little mind games, slip into his camp and slit his throat in the night?"

"Easy isn't the point. This man deserves a better death than that. A clean but proud death meeting his better on the field of battle," explained the huntress. "What are you doing here?"

"Deserves? By the domains, Huntress, who cares what a mortal deserves? He's a flash in the pan, why waste time on him, when you could be razing a city?"

"You speak of time, of what concern is time to me? I am a servant of Death. I need do nothing but wait, and all souls will eventually pass through my domain, be bartered away to the denizens of Domain Life, and be seeded in service of Order or Chaos. If time is of such concern to you, why are you here, Myra?"

"Oh, I think you know. You aren't here just to give a good man an honorable death," she said, lacing the last bit with sarcasm. "You're here for his soul. He's got a good one, lots of power, made him the man he is today. Problem is, the man he is today is a pawn for Domain Order. I want his soul. I want to strip Order of a valuable player and seed one of my own."

"So talk to the Lifer I sell to."

"No, see, that's a problem. I'm willing to out price your buyer, just for the guarantee."

"Maybe I'll keep the soul, use it."

"For what?" scoffed Myra, so surprised she forgot to pretend she was the only thing of interest in the area. "You've never desired power."

"Perhaps that has changed," said the huntress before turning and walking into the camp, leaving Myra looking stunned and very concerned about what the future might hold.
Just a quick scene I wrote to explore an idea for a character.
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