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Creador Javier LLuesma.

Original picture,…
Thanks to ohnostock.

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Tribal Tattoo by jlluesma


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Hey, I really like this tattoo, I might ask for a draft? Thanks
I love this and think it's beautiful. Would it be possible to use it? More than happy to pay you a stock photo fee :)
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Gotta say that I have a thing for guys with tribal tatts Danisnotonfire 7 
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I love the way the lines flow around the body. This is one of those designs that become a part of the person rather than simply being tacked on.
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hello Javier LLuesma please help me with the original tattoo design for me thank you
Do you have the full design back and front that I could take to the tattoo artist please?
what i need for this tattoo a complete image back / front . Thx LLuesma if u can send me the entire image of this tattoo to execute on :) and then i post her cya
Nice tattoo i make one for me:)
I'm going to work on getting that build THEN get the tatoo. My goal!
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Its funny how everybody gets the same thing.
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do you like anything aside from tirbal :S?
dont get me wrong, love your art.
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seen this so many times, but still love it :)
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Very cool and sexy!
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That is SOOOOOO cool!!
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amazing work keep it up and i want to become a tattoo artist so do you have any ideas on how can become one please would much appreciate it :)
how can i get a copy of this for my tatt artist? I am totally willing to pay for it!
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Don't do it...this is the picture that Tattoo Artist see the most. A LOT of guys come up to them with a copy of this particular picture, since it's the most badass one and always pops up first when you type 'tribal tattoo' in google.

Do not do it. Twenty billion dudes have it already, and it won't even look as good on you if you don't have this exact bodytype.
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Show him the picture...
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un freakin Real.. i want :P
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i was gonna say, looks fake. great design tho!
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