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Back Tattoo

Creador Javier LLuesma.

Original picture,…
Thanks to ohnostock.

Original Tattoos from Tatuajes Artísticos,…

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Tattoo by jlluesma

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Tattoo 2016 by LLuesma by jlluesma

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Tribal Tattoo by jlluesma

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Head Tattoo by jlluesma

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if I had not have seen the original, I would have said that tatto was REAL !
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hello how are you, interesting effect I wonder how you do it. not very good at this retouching of images but now I want to spend more time and create good work as you have. know of any tutorials or how I could do this effect you make your
Is there any way to get this whole design? I was actually thinking of getting this but I dont know what on the other side of the body.
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farrkkk man thats an amazing tatt ayy.. whoever did it is pretty fkn amazing.. hawwwwwttt lolz, i mean the tat :P
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how long did it take? D::: pain must be epic
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This looks awesome!
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Ohhhh, I love the swirly design you have going on here, makes it look like the fire is travelling up his back.

Well done! x

I've already started getting this tattoo and hopefully by the summer it'll be complete.
Any way you can send me the layout for this tatt. like the picture you got the idea from
Did you ever received the layout for this one ?
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Amazing design, I plan on getting a tribal tattoo similar to this in a way ^^
J4D3W0LF's avatar
wow... um..... ok, thats just KICK ASS!!! lol I am loving how you rock that tribal design!
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nice pattern and model but lack of natural curves where body is bent makes it look like painted on photography,
even though I like the idea a lot.
just fucking sick, its amazing WOW i would love something like that!! Beautiful work.
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This just makes me want to get more ink done. awesome job.
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toke de todo un tatu vaya s ke aces ke te comenten todos tus trabajos!!!!
FagXarT's avatar
looks really cool! ^w^
pugdog1's avatar
this is very well done in all areas and looks great as a smaller pic. but u should shrink it because the full sized image is noticably flawed. all over but its great job very well done.

here is one i did its very first tattoo i did and only one i put on da so far [link]
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Está wapo, pero lo veo excesivo. Si por la parte de la espalda no sobrepasara la columna vertebral y no llegara hasta el pantalón, quedaría de lujo.
Bueno mi idea es para no dañar más que nada la salud del que se quiera hacer un tattoo en la espalda, jejeje
Otra cosa es el diseño, cada cual puede hacerlo al gusto ;)
Since when did tribal marks become an excuse for no talent?
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