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My Monster High Controversy Meme



I decided to do this meme just for the fun of it.

Favorite Monster - C.A. Cupid : One of the first Monster High dolls I ever collected, and she is just so pretty and cute. Plus her Ever After High look makes me love this Ghoul even more.

Despised Monster - Nefera de Nile : She is just one no good witch, and would go to extreme measures just to get whatever she wants for her own selfish reasons, even tried to get Cleo and Duce to break up. Twice!

Favorire Couple(s) - Abbey Bominable and Heath Burns : These two are just so cute together, and in the words of Abbey herself: "Heath makes me laugh."

Lagoona Blue and Gillington "Gill" Webber : These two are amazing. They went through hard times together cause of them coming from two different races of sea monsters. But, in the end, love wins.

Despised Couple - Draculaura and Valentina : I'll give you three words about Valentina. Worst. Boyfriend. Ever! He pretends to love the ghouls he dates, and after filling up their hearts with love, he dumps them and adds their broken hearts to his collection! Glad to see Draculaura is now better off without him, and not break her heart on her birthday. Clawd for the win!

Overrated Monster - Clawdeen Wolf : I do like Clawdeen, but sometimes I think she's a bit overrated.

Underrated Monster - Andy Beast : We don't see this loveable fella very much after the Skull Shores movie, and only got a few appearances in the other movies. I feel like Andy deserves to be featured in the webisodes and get his own doll. Both his normal size appearance, and his giant King Kong like appearance.

Favorite Movie - Freaky Fusion : It was awesome to see some of the ghouls fused together and introduced to the hybrid characters in this movie and how they were felt welcomed in Monster High later on and helped save Frankie and the ghouls.

Despised Movie - I have no despised movie so far.

The original blank meme is created by :icont-mack56:
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I agree with your meme.
Now that Cupid is an EAH student, I'm sad that she didn't get more time in MH and was only featured in one movie & doll line. (She would have looked adorable in Swim Class or Sweet Screams)
I can't stand Clawdeen because she is just everywhere all the time never fails.
I like Nefera mainly because she's an Egyptian, and I have a weakness for that. And she is such a bitch, but sometimes it's refreshing to have one around to stir the pot.
I really wish they had made an Andy doll because he was a prime love interest and dynamic character in Skull Shores. (Not to mention totally hot)
Kinda weird that they finally made a Valentine doll a couple years after his movie debut, and paired him with a character from another movie, and then of course had to make them SDCC exclusives)
I'm wondering what exactly Mattel is thinking, because it seems to me that they're running out of ideas and just hashing shit out to make a buck.