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It's been a while.
This was done for a friend.

Pencil and PC
Hope you like

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Love it really love it. Espacily one to fice .
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Let's just hope the 12th doctor is complete crap.
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let me guess. you're one of those who think the doctor should be young?
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No, I didn't check my comment before posting what I meant to say was "let's just hope the 12th is NOT complete crap." Sorry for the confusion.
Skipped logos:

The curved purple neon logo used from The Twin Dilemma through The Trial of a Time Lord
The logo used during the first two series of New Who (silver shield)

Other than that, wonderful job.
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Like. Definitely. You went above and beyond with this one!
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Amazing! Love the logos and the Ninth Doctor.
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Absolutely gorgeous. BREATHTAKING even. Thank you for sharing your artwork! :la:
brownbagcomics's avatar
Great looking piece - definitely worth being a print for sale!!
KKKKEN's avatar
coolest artwork I've have seen of all 11!!
NirGoldenberg's avatar
I want this as a poster O_O simply amazing
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Hartnell and Pertwee have a look on their faces just saying, "No I am not mad, why do you ask?".
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Really love all your Doctor Who art. It is inspiring!
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This is FANTASTIC. I swear, If this were a poster... I would totally buy one, if not more for my friends!

You should totally make this a print!!
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Though, to be honest... I would take out the generic-photoshop lens flare at the top. Adds a bit of a cheap look to it. Just a suggestion.
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This is amazing!
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I really like this. Nicely done.
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You captured every single one of them wonderfully! Perfect, IMO.
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I could write a essay about this...but ill leave it the now and just say that its seriously awesome!

You should be proud of your stuff.
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