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C.S.I. Springfield.

Ink line and Photoshop colouring
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Hotaru-No-Mayowasu's avatar
XD Wow this is highly amusing.
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two awesome shows combined, couldn't get any better! hahah
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Thank you so much.
Glad it amused you.
never-with-you's avatar
OMG that is hilarious!
jlfletch's avatar
Pleased you like it.
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Pencil-Mutt's avatar
How could you eat at a time like this? Lol, awesome pic! Grissom + Simpsons forever. ^^
jlfletch's avatar
JaggidArt's avatar
BWAAHAHAHAHAAA! mmmmmm, dead bodyyyyy....
elisha-matthews's avatar
haha! :XD: really funny :D
jlfletch's avatar
Thank you - it's a relief to know whether something is funny or not.
Bexter-TheLil-Ferret's avatar
awsome pic :clap: i love Grissoms face :D
jlfletch's avatar

I never saw CSI when I did this and I had a tiny picture to work from, so I was surprised when people told me I had captured the faces of the cast relatively well, considering they were yellow.
I now know that Grissom has never worn a tie in the show....Damn!
Bexter-TheLil-Ferret's avatar
hahaha well i never noticed that so i'll pretend you didnt say ;)

wow CSI is great, do you watch it now?
jlfletch's avatar
Thanks for keeping the secret.

Not only have I seen the show since, but I've bought every DVD box set available.
So it's safe to assume I'm a fan.
I love the complete realms of fantasy the series dives into when it comes to showing the technology they use when solving crime.
A fab series not to be taken too seriously.
Bexter-TheLil-Ferret's avatar
i love it, i think its amazing how all these years they've managed to keep the fans in touch with the characters and make them feel angry or upset when something bad happens to them :D
jlfletch's avatar
The series is a model of consistent quality when it comes to the writing.
Long may it continue.
Bexter-TheLil-Ferret's avatar
yea i cant wait for it to come back next year :excited: did you see the last episode of the series?

where sara gets kidnapped :nod:
jlfletch's avatar
I haven't seen it yet. The DVD releases are really slow in the UK.
I have seen the first half of series 7. Can't wait for the rest of it.
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