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So I Pray
Tell me why did you have to go away?
I love you so much and I wanted you to stay.
The scars over my heart will never heal.
I cant believe this is happening or believe this is real.
So what do I do? What should I say?
I just do what you taught me to and so I pray.
But your absence hurts and it never stops.
Everyday my face is covered in tear drops.
Why did you leave me? Why did you die?
I never wanted to say goodbye.
I am sorry I didn't call you more.
My regrets will forever be a sore.
I tried my best in the end to care for you.
But I took the time for granted and that I cant undo.
Please tell me will it ever get better again?
I will never be the same without you and it's too much to comprehend.
So I'll just continue to pray for the hurt to go away.
Reminding myself that we will see each other again some day.
:iconjleencooky:JleenCooky 6 0
The Perfect Book
A request was made for a book.
I went to the store to have a look.
Aisle by aisle I searched for the one,
Not leaving the store until I was done.
Trying to find the story that would be just right.
Then there it was; the perfect book glowing in light.
A book from my childhood that I loved dearly.
Something I read more than just yearly.
I hope you love this book as much as I do.
As I looked for the most special book just for you.
:iconjleencooky:JleenCooky 0 0
Happy Embrace
Sitting in my office and getting tired of the stress.
I feel my emotions are all scattered and that I'm a walking mess.
Needing to get some fresh air to try to clear my head.
I walk out the door just feeling like id be happier if i were dead.
The heartache blooming inside me, makes me feel so alone.
I know now, deep down that I have always been on my own.
The noise of the light-rail coming, its buzzing down the track.
I walk in its direction and I know there is no turning back.
Choking on some fear and regret as I lay on the cold steel rails.
I know this is my choice and in choosing this I cannot fail.
My skin feels like its burning as the tears run down my face.
I see the train is getting closer and its impact I will happily embrace.
:iconjleencooky:JleenCooky 2 0
Furries Spring Fling
Down in the vale on a bright day
All the furries came out to play.
Wave goodbye to the snow
Letting the winter go
Dancing till the sun fades away.
:iconjleencooky:JleenCooky 1 0
The Knot
You are my world, the home for my heart.
You are the glue, the hold that keeps me from falling apart.
You are my roof, the shelter from the rain.
You are the medication, the cure for all my pain.
You are my tissue, the cloth that wipes my tears.
You are the rock, the comfort to all my fears.
You are my blanket, the warmth from the cold.
You are the secrets, the tales that are untold.
You are my light, the beacon to find my way.
You are the hope, the strength to get through my day.
You are my scoreboard, the tracker for all my goals.
You are the knot, the bind that ties our souls.
:iconjleencooky:JleenCooky 1 2
A Slave To Paradise
Once again I am trapped in this place.
My body craving and aching for your embrace.
You took my heart and now it is bleeding in your hand.
Was this love torture always a part of your plan.
I shouldn't let you talk to me so sweetly.
I've already allowed you to conquer me completely.
So now even if I wanted I can't just walk away.
Your leash of flattery won't even allow me to stray.
So be careful of what you ask from me.
As my mind and will are no longer free.
I know now that to you, I can never say no.
I'm a slave in your paradise and I will never go.
:iconjleencooky:JleenCooky 0 5
My Cat Tippers by JleenCooky My Cat Tippers :iconjleencooky:JleenCooky 2 2
My Everything Shattered
Silently I cry, my tears falling to the ground.
My heart is breaking and no one can hear the sound.
Why make a promise that would just make me feel used.
Now you leave me and I am even more confused.
You said that you needed and wanted me.
Even though it pained me, I did what you asked and set you free.
I just wasn't good enough for you.
Now I am left with not knowing what to do.
The world around my heart, all that ever mattered.
It was ripped apart, my everything was shattered.
:iconjleencooky:JleenCooky 3 4
Make Me Cry
If I was the one that walked away
Would you have begged me to stay
You leave me here in the dust
All because of someone's mistrust
I know now that I've always been alone
A useless life and heart that was easy to disown
I wished it were just a dream
I know I'm falling apart at the seam
Over and over my heart is in pain
Why point fingers when I know who is to blame
You promised me that I was the one
You're a great actor and I was just a game of fun
Right now I just want to die
However I know I will find someone else who won't make me cry
:iconjleencooky:JleenCooky 3 9


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United States
Hi my name is Jessie and I love art....thats it. LOL.

Alright, I changed my user name from Nomi2009 to JleenCooky. This is my page for poetry and commissions. I wanted to separate Nomi from me as far as my poetry goes as not all of it is related to her. Lets see how it goes, lol.

Current Residence: M.N.
Favorite genre of music: Rock/Metal
Favorite style of art: ALL TYPES
Operating System: Windows 7 (Laptop)
Personal Quote: "Eat your fortune before reading your cookie."


Alright, I changed my user name from Nomi2009 to JleenCooky. This is my page for poetry and commissions. I wanted to separate Nomi from me as far as my poetry goes as not all of it is related to her. Lets see how it goes, lol.


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