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The Beacon

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© 2007 - 2020 JLarenART
Will you answer the call?

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Edit: Thank you Zilla and Elyanaren! This was an awesome surprise.

By request Wide-screen versions:

2560x1600: [link]
1680x1050: [link]
1440x900: [link]
1280x800: [link]

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Click "Download" to get the Zip. Pack includes these sizes:


If you use as your desktop, please at least leave a comment :D

Thanks to all and enjoy!

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:: Full-view is a must as always!
:: Made with Apophysis (custom flame)
:: Composed in Adobe Photoshop CS2
:: Print should be available shortly..

Copyright © 2007 Jacob Laren, All Rights Reserved. This artwork may not be reproduced in any way without my explicit written permission.
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Maria-SchreudersHobbyist Photographer
So beautiful
bugsnatch's avatar
oh yea, I relate to wht u've named it -- The Beacon - it feels tht i will be led to the lite and all I need to do is embrace the radiance of the magnificent colors tht r glowing in this darkness - I feel it
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adni18Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent work! :thumbsup:
lsocha's avatar
Love the colors and the curves!
ChloeMonster's avatar
Some how it reminds me of a dream i had while falling...(falling in the dream, not falling when sleeping... sorry i confused myself:S) i really like it, its strange, yet endearing. :)
shinigami-of-death02's avatar
shinigami-of-death02Hobbyist Artist
oh wow, so cool...
perscription's avatar
Dude i am soo using as a desktop that was my first thought before i read the description
Harukashi's avatar
It almost reminds me of a spinal cord

I love the sense of depth in this
BaconBrownGown's avatar
Wow, people love you! I bet you won't even see this, what with your 2 bajillion + messages and...a job that keeps you busy. Anyway, i really like all your art. I like this one because it reminds me of all the swirly colors you see in an oily puddle. And "the beacon" looks like a backbone. very cool.
JLarenART's avatar
JLarenARTProfessional Digital Artist
Haha nah, I have plenty of time at night to see my messages... I just don't respond to most after a certain point.

I'm glad you like my art and thanks for looking! I added you to my AIM list, so I'll talk to you later sometime. (mine = Dtagon)
BaconBrownGown's avatar
Yeah i haven't used AIM in a while because it clouds my judgment and makes me say a lot of dumb stuff...but hey, maybe that's why kids love it...or maybe that's why pedophiles love it...0_o
JLarenART's avatar
JLarenARTProfessional Digital Artist
Haha oh no, well we wouldn't want that I guess. Sounds entertaining though. Honestly I'm pretty bad at talking online too, but because I sometimes take a while to respond since I'm being nerdy and doing things in photoshop on another comp.. hah.

You have my # anyway though right?, so you could just call me :D We should be friends for sure.. from looking at your art and sense of humor I think we'd definitely get along. Catch you later ~
BaconBrownGown's avatar
Hehe. well hopefully i get a job at BWP and we can be the dynamic crime fighting duo that rids the world of crappy looking business cards and...whatever else you do there...that would be kick-ASS!
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CaptTechDude514 Interface Designer
Looks nice. :-)
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skay20Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks for share so many sizes !!
SciFi3D's avatar
which programs do you use??? it looks amazing
Wraith092's avatar
reminds me of a spinal cord, but better.
I love it!
SadzaMaker's avatar
SadzaMakerHobbyist Digital Artist
What a fantastic array of colours!
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