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ARCHON: Temple of the Immortal Queen

By JLarenART
Kings rise and kings fall. Only the Queen lives forever.


Location Info: Old World Chandra, the angel city.
Actual Size: 30" x 20"

Most of the temple and surrounding structures were built with Dreadsteel by the first Archangel, Vael.


 COPYRIGHT © 2017 J. Laren & Soul Seraph, LLC

The three Archon titles are in production and will be released simultaneously!
• Archon: The Serpent, The Seraph & The Shadow (Novel #1)
• Archon: The Angels of Sanctum (Novel #2)
• The Angels of Archon: An Art Book (Full Color Art Book)
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© 2016 - 2021 JLarenART
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c55m's avatar
No words ... just one, Brilliant! 
JLarenART's avatar
That's sweet thanks - be sure to check out Daniel's work artificialdesign
c55m's avatar
You're welcome. I checked out artificialdesign, watching the artist now, and thank you for the heads up
JLarenART's avatar
The town in WoW? :D
ketrealthefallen's avatar
:wow: This is too gorgeous I am blown away by it! Amazing work! :D
JLarenART's avatar
Haha thanks, but I only come up with the content and concepts. Daniel is the brilliant renderer of such things :) Check out his page.
ketrealthefallen's avatar
What is Daniel's page? Good job none the less :D 
hybridgothica's avatar
Jacob! This is great :) , looking forward to seeing more!
JLarenART's avatar
Hi Tansie :)  There's a lot to come. I'm literally bursting with excitement.
hybridgothica's avatar
Hi :) :excited: I am excited for you!
OUT "EFFING" STANDING!!!! Reminds me of a post from XZendor7 that posted on DA last year. Name of the post was "Seat of the Gods". It fits.
JLarenART's avatar
I checked it out, cool fractal :)  I actually have some huge and complex fractals on the back-burner. Going to do a "VISION" series of them based on one render, but combined in about 10 different ways.
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