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Grand Slam :icontriptychr:triptychr 9 44
Prufrock Collectable Spoon Set
Prufock Collectable Spoon Set
Today's busy world leaves little time
for the spitting of days and ways (and
let us not forget that spitting is rude in
dignified company). The Prufrock
Collectable Spoon Set is the perfect
way to express your severe loneli-
ness and lack of self-esteem to guests
while still keeping time for cakes and
ices! Each sterling silver set provides
life-measuring coffee (or tea!) service
for 12. And placed in the specially
crafted Mermaid Display Case (avail-
able in red and brown; sold separately),
the pitiful refinery of Eliot himself can
be pinned and wriggling to your wall
for all to see! Do not waste a minute
of decision nor revision—supplies are
he read,
and stared at empty chairs beside him.
:icontriptychr:triptychr 7 32
A Case Study in Drama
My car runs outside the convenience store where Todd works. I'm there to pick up my friend and roommate from the evening shift, but the moment finds him stalled between his ride home and the gritty brick outside of the store. It has become the apparent site chosen by Brandi, our mutual friend who showed up before me, for a verbal showdown between her and Todd.
In a convenience store parking lot.
In front of my car.
Whose engine is still running.
A miserably cold drizzle softens my view of the two combatants through the windshield as they begin their rounds of gesturing. The ember of a cigarette as it flies around in Brandi's hand gives me the image of a crazed air traffic controller. They're also yelling, of course, but I can only hear the occasional stressed tone over the late-night jazz on the radio. I'm not interested in their argument, anyway.
Reason is on my side to flash the headlights or honk the horn—anything to make Todd take a rain check and get in the damn car—but I sit back
:icontriptychr:triptychr 11 34
La Planete d'Ecrivain by Cymbeline La Planete d'Ecrivain :iconcymbeline:Cymbeline 2 11 Hebdomas Mechanical by vi0 Hebdomas Mechanical :iconvi0:vi0 1,016 324
Noir Wonderland - Radio Edit
Sam Archer is a private detective in his mid-thirties with a low, gravely voice and a brooding nature to match. The story is told entirely by his monologue and all F/X play underneath his narrative
When you're kissing the barrel of a gun the strangest things go through you're mind: How did I get here? How could my life have been different? Did I lock the door before I left? The guy had just lost his twin. It must have been like schizophrenia in reverse, two facets of one being suddenly reduced to one. I could only imagine his pain. The pressing point however, was that I was tied to a chair and going nowhere fast. My only hope was to push him over the edge completely. He didn't take my remark about his dead brother and his unhealthy walrus fixation kindly.
[F/X Angered rising roar followed by a punch and a heavy weight hitting the floor]
He hit me hard, harder than an alcoholic hits the bottle after 6 months of AA meetings, and the chair went crashing to the ground, taking
:iconrealfunfuneral:realfunfuneral 1 6
Willis 04 by triptychr Willis 04 :icontriptychr:triptychr 6 49
Angles of Neutrality
Angles of Neutrality
* * *
You have to be careful here. It's easy to fall in love with anyone if you watch them closely enough. Concentrate on the patterns, so you can learn to anticipate, but never contemplate motive. Motive is the easiest way to put yourself out of the game.
* * *
   "I need you for this," he said. "I won't trust anyone else with my name."
   "I thought you were out, Jarris. Handling personal security now."
   "I am," he said. "This comes straight from my new job and that's why I need you. I can't get stuck running this time."
   Jarris was a large man, 6' 8", with a rapid charm and steady composure. I kept him around as a safeguard most of the years I worked and had fallen back on him more than once. When it came down to it, he was the man to pull me out. I owed him and he knew it.
   "I'm retired," I said. "I can't get back in."
   "I'm not asking you back
:iconh-hour:h-hour 16 33
William and Rabbit - Prologue
The Demented Adventures of William and Rabbit
A Prologue

William was bored.
"Mummy, I should like to speak with that donkey." He gently tugged at her petticoat to summon her attention. She gave it willingly in the form of an indignant snort.
"Donkeys haven't the means to speak, William. Don't be foolish."
It wasn't common practice to press a matter beyond the initial request, but William was intent.
"Oh please, Mummy! do let me speak with it. You needn't come along. It is only a donkey, after all; what possible harm can come of such a one-sided discourse?"
She considered his plea and decided to permit him leave.
"Off you go then, but mind you don't touch it. I glimpsed it rolling about in its own feces not an hour ago. It is filthy and reprobate."
William scampered off across the garden and over the bridge to where the donkey stood. The afternoon had suddenly sprung some interest and he was delighted.
"Hullo there, donkey! I'm William." His grin was wide and genuine.
:iconepibole:epibole 20 37
Thieves Army -FINAL
Deep in the city where night covers sky
An ordinary town to an unfocused eye
A particular district close to its core
Where good going folk stay at night time indoor
Where guards of the kingdom walk always in threes
In one tavern corner, were meeting two thieves
Noticing Lark, when he came in
Alec greeted him hastily and flashed him a grin
"Sit down, relax and have a good drink,
I have a proposal to offer, so think..."
"A proposal of what?" Lark curious asked
"A raid on lost treasure, a very light task,
No guards, no patrols so no need for fighting,
So to some of us it will not be exciting..."
"You know well enough, that I avoid a fight"
"A thief with a conscience." He nodded "Yeah, right
But your reputation with traps is exquisite
So I figured out, I'd pay you a visit."
"I would have guessed this just wasn't a chat."
"So very true, Lark. You're right about that."
"Lets get to the point then. Where and when?"
"As soon as were ready, assembled and then,
:iconthiefofcolours:thiefofcolours 94 74



. . . amara lento temperet risu
Artist | Professional | Literature
The past is not dead. In fact, it's not even past (William Faulkner)
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I just realized there are still some people around who I actually miss. People I spent a lot of time discussing literature and life with, especially in the years from 2003-2006 when I was still working nightshift in a hotel and deviantArt, as unlikely as it might seem, was one of the few good things in my life.

Well, things have changed. My life got better. The internet got worse. Long story short, I'm not here anymore. But I don't want to delete my stuff, and I think it's important people can still reach me. Because sometimes I miss them.

So: The old links below are still legit, although I don't update my vita here anymore. My life takes place elsewhere today. But there's still my homepage at You'll find an email address there, along with my real name. That again will lead lead you to my Twitter or Facebook accounts or whatever I'm using right now. If you want to drop me a line, by all means do. I'm still writing stuff and I still like to discuss life.

I hope you're all doing fine.

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Die Magier von Montparnasse: novel (German)
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Narnia — Das Rollenspiel: roleplaying rulebook (German)
Gagarin's Underpants: short stories by the creative writing class of Heidelberg University. In English, with illustrations by saintartaud

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