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Careful How You Read That By Yuikino

Reposting of commissioned art

Another look in at Paige Turner as she finds the infamous Book of Changes, disguised as a definitive theses on enchanted equines.

Art by: :iconbetsyillustration:
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ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
Wow. Sitting down and standing up at the same time!!
LuciusAppaloosius's avatar
I keep looking for that book: it always seems to be out on loan... 7@=Q
uglygosling's avatar
I liked how you did her crushed under a hoof, the other wrapped around an ankle...she seems not to have noticed yet!
jkrolak's avatar
I'll have to defer the praise to the original artist for the exact positioning.

As for Paige, I don't think she quite knows what happened only that something is suddenly different.
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Just perfect.  Believable, wonderful colors, wonderful expression, great lines and colors... Just... Wow.  Superb pose.  A favorite!
jkrolak's avatar
Artist really did nice job with her. And for a change of pace, have legs becoming forelegs.
kanyiko's avatar
She looks so deliciously puzzled... :3
jkrolak's avatar
She doesn't remember it being that drafty in the section of the library, nor sitting down, nor having a tail, when she opened the book.
kanyiko's avatar
I think some things might have slipped her attention.

Still, at least when she's finished the book, she'll be able to get home on a draft... >.>
jkrolak's avatar
And hopefully she will remember to mind the gap on the local metro.
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