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A Little Horseplay

Reposting of commissioned art

Almost three months later, the transformation had pretty much run its course. Monika loved her new body. Best of all, she had a new sister to tease. For his part, Chad was still heavily in denial. He had pretty much come to terms with now being a centaur. He had to admit being part horse was kinda fun. But even with his new feminine voice, and C-cups, he was still in denial about her new gender.

Perhaps a little horseplay with his former wife, new sister would finally convince her.

Art by: :icondrimi:
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why are they sisters now changing genders does not end marriage they are just a same sex couple
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1) That really wasn't an a socially acceptable option when I had the picture done.

2) And she doesn't really go that way. It was why she wanted the divorce in the first place as she's got her eye's set on a few eligible stallions now that she's finished transforming. Though, she does still like her former husband. "Sisters" is about the best definition of their new relationship that will fit.
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1 - NO, she wanted a diverse because she wanted to become a centaur. He wasn't intending to become one, but determined to show that he loved her accidentally changed himself into one. Because the serum was gender specific, he ended up female too.

2 - Same gender marriage was HIGHLY disapproved of almost 30 years ago (and in many palaces still is today). So get of your high horse and take time to get some perspective. I'm not saying one is morally right or better. But it's not an accepted standard everywhere even in those places that permit

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It's funny that they can change Species for some mara including their sex, but they can have change sex correct the quivocación
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Actually the serum was gender specific. When proving that he was forever faithful to his vow, he injected himself with the same serum she used. Unfortunately they've not studied Centaur DNA alterations as much as they had Human Gene conversations. 

So the new "she" was stuck both as a centaur and a girl.  The clinic usually has lots of protocols and psych testing to make sure the person really wants to be their form before the point of no return (injections). 
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Ok, it feels weird they are, I took their marriage vows if he was so read. It's like marriage is based on sex. Maybe dark thinking about it. In theories sex change should eliminate that.
Less her I put her I commented to him on that, not as much asked for permission is very strong decion, changes the life both for always.

But I like the job well, stories as something basic, limping to explain context, that joke about work.
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They had vowed to share their lives and fate.

She actually tired first and attempted what she saw was the honorable way out (Divorce) when she decided that she needed a little something different. He didn't see it that way and wanted to prove his devotion. In hindsight that may have been a mistake, although they did reconcile, but as sisters once he finally accepted that he was now a centauress.

Plot is actually a variation on Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes
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Ok, it's fine.
Do not let her be funny when changing the relationship she goes with him.
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Would there be a larger one of this image available, by any chance?  But it's a very sensual and loving image.
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.... Maybe....
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