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J. Krolak
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Favorite cartoon character: Tinker Bell

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Have Flashgun, Will Travel

Life is perfectly fair. Just because we don't understand all the rules is no reason to think that Life is cheating.

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Nothing is impossible. The very word itself tells you "I'm Possible" --- Audrey Hepburn

It's kind of fun to do the impossible. --- Walt Disney

I try to build a full personality for each of our cartoon characters - to make them personalities. --- Walt Disney

The person who says, "It can not be done," should not interrupt the person doing it. --- Chinese Proverb

You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life. --- Winston Churchill

We now return to more important questions. The ideal Halloween candy is 

15 deviants said M&M / Mars chocolate (Milky Way, Trix, Snickers. Dove, 3 Musketeers)
9 deviants said Reese's candies
4 deviants said Hershey's Chocolate Bars
4 deviants said Non-chocolate (life savors, skittles, starburst, jelly beans)
3 deviants said Licorice
3 deviants said Cadbury's
3 deviants said Lollypops ( Tootsie pop, Charmpop, dumdum's)
2 deviants said Sweet tarts (pressed sugary treats)
2 deviants said Don't be silly, I have a much better idea (list in comments)
No deviants said Gum / tootsie rolls

For the Swarm

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 1, 2018, 2:48 PM

Hovering in the door frame, the fairy nervously licked her lips. Dealing with humans could be so unpredictable. True, it was the one night of the year, they couldn't hurt her. Everyone wanted to believe in fairies on Halloween -- well, maybe almost everyone. It was so nice of those stick-in-mud, non-believers to forgo decorating for the holiday. And, they leave their lights off too, she thought turning involuntarily towards the one dark house in the neighborhood and sticking out her tongue. The girls of Mischief Inc. would deal with that home, later. Her eyes narrowed as a mischievous smile slipped across her face, in anticipation of the planned reckoning, thinking about the hidden truckloads of toilet paper and readily available candle wax. Same, for that one house, that gave out *gasp, horror* toothbrushes, or other dental torture devices like *shudder* toothpaste and floss -- even if the tooth fairies wanted to go easy on them.

But, realizing she was stalling, she gathered up her courage. After all, it was their big night. People want to believe she reassured herself. Checking over her costume a final time, she nodded, and her accomplice rang the bell. There was no turning back now. Through the sidelights, she could see the towering dark figure getting closer. She took a deep breath to steady herself, and fought the impulse to turn invisible, fly away, and hide. The door opened. Now, was her big moment! She forced herself to smile sweetly as she intoned the magic phrase -- "Trick or Treat!" -- that would turn the human into her willing slave, going forth to fetch her a yummy goodie.

The human stared at her and blinked as a large smile filled his face. "Treats, of course! What a great bee costume!"

Just like that, the magic worked! He turned, hidden momentarily by the door frame. He returned with a huge bowl, brimming with candy. The fairy delighted as she looked over the goodies, small bags of candy corn, bright pink bubble gum, clear sacks with gummies of every color; size; shape; and flavor, those wonderful pressed-sugar pills, colorful lollipops, packages of M&M's, boxes of malted milk; caramel; and chocolate balls, licorice ropes, and even a few small toys. There was something that every fairy could love. Then she beheld the real gems, full size chocolate bars.

She cooed, then calmly but quickly selected her prize, a three Musketeers bar. Momentarily struggling to lift the huge treat from the bowl, she magically maneuvered the candy into position. Then, it disappeared, into her small, hive shaped collection bag. Meanwhile, the rest of the bee-costumed, fairy swarm had gathered in anticipation. In her excitement, she almost forgot. Turning, she issued the release command -- "Thank you!" -- and departed fluttering past the end of the line to wait.

The other fairies gleefully began chanting the magic words, each awaiting her opportunity to select a candy. Surprised by the buzzing swarm, the human turned and called back inside. "Honey, better get the extra bowl."

Then, it was off to the next house. The fairy swarm already drooled in anticipation. According to the costumed children leaving, the next house had Reese's.

Wanna look at the girls in their costumes?

Trick or Treat [COMMISSION] by KuroHitsujiSama Candy bees by jkrolak You Have Been Chibeed by SalysaBoxface

Mature Content

Michiko Bee by Variable-Edge
Bee La Bee by goichiro Twin fairy by goichiro Chamomile - Boo Bee by jkrolak

Mature Content

Kaiteri - now beehave by jkrolak
Misty and Yvette - Commission by TheMagicalMimi Glitch - Commission by TheMagicalMimi

Mature Content

Point Commission - Halloween Bee by UkyoDragoon
Point Commission - Halloween Bee 2 by UkyoDragoon Point Commission - Halloween Bee 3 by UkyoDragoon

Mature Content

Commission 16 - Chantal by aizawasilk
Inktober: Day Twenty by dead-kittens3 Inktober: Day Twenty Two by dead-kittens3 Inktober: Day Twenty Four by dead-kittens3

Mature Content

Aiki - Imperious Queen Bee chibi by jkrolak
Bittersweet - Commission by TheMagicalMimi Gremlin's Halloween costume (commission) by UsagiForehead Cyandi gathering candy by jkrolak Commission for jkrolak by Neko--Art Commission For Jkrolak by supermegafangirllee Halloween request sketch 02 by Stevan29 Whirlybird - does bumblebee by jkrolak Beemonomimi Adopt (CLOSED) by awildchelseaappeared C: jkrolak by Mewkeru commission: sting like a bee by LaPonto commission: i wanna bee your girlfriend by LaPonto Bee-Va ::COMM:: by MaryUs3908 A Queen Bee by jkrolak

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  • Playing: dead
  • Eating: chocolate bit-o-honey
  • Drinking: honey mead


Aiki - centaurized
Reposting of commissioned art

Poor Aiki is experiencing a bout of centauritus. A lingering side effect from eathing that cursed fudge during the Great Fudge Massacre. It usually wears off in a few days or so. Nothing a little zen medication can't help with. But she still gets a bit down form how it just doesn't complement the look of her traditional kimonos.

Art by: unable to read signature.


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