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Road Kill



*Please note that this is an old skin that i am unable to provide assistance for anymore. I do not currently have any plans to update this suite but you are of course welcome to download it still and do as you will with it.

Fixed issue with slideshow visibility.

Road Kill is a very basic little suite,really just based on my own needs.Designed specifically to go with this wallpaper on a 1600x900 screen.
Mouse over the billboards slideshow to reveal 3 day weather (,3 launch groups and volume control.
From the billboard you can cycle through a 3 feed RSS reader,iTunes player and a 3 page notepad.
There are 4 sign posts.The battery monitor and recycle bin,
a cpu monitor which can cycle through ram and hdd monitor and a clock which will cycle through shut down,restart and hibernate.
There is also a very basic Gmail monitor and a very unfortunate startmenu launcher.The suite comes with a configuration skin that will help you set basic settings and choose one of three color schemes,colored,greyscale and the yellow in the preview.

I have altered the wallpaper to fit a 1600x900 monitor,its in the theme folder.

Weather icons;[link]

This skin requires the latest beta version which can be found at;[link]
On occasion during testing,the skins all jump to one position,it seems to have stopped.If it happens,reloading the theme fixes it,but please let me know if you have any problems.

Simply download and run the .rmskin file.I recommend you allow rainstaller to run the Road Kill theme.

The list of credits is long but special thanks go to jsmorely for his endless supply of Add ons,to Poiru, who's gnometer suite i've borrowed some code from and to faraday for his help with some regexp.
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