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Rainworks is a set of about 30 skins, each one designed to be compact and used at the top or the bottom of your desktop. Many of the skins come in either a basic option or an upgraded option, providing extended abilities or access to more detailed information.The width of each skin and dropbox is variable to help maintain a continuous bar across your screen width (if desired). Simply middle click any active skin to edit it's layout, settings or available upgrades.

• Install Rainmeter: Rainworks requires at least Rainmeter version 2.1 but the latest beta* is recommended and can be found here.[link]
• Install Rainworks: Save the .RMSKIN file to your computer.Run the .RMSKIN file. During install you should leave both check boxes checked**.

• The beautiful foliage wallpaper is "Green world" by emmanueliarussi. [link]
• Most of the regular expressions used throughout the suite are adaptations of work by JsMorely and Poiru and I thank them both kindly for their help.
• The upgraded calendar is an amalgamation of calendars by Kaelri and Poiru and contains work by a number of individuals.
• The "startOrb" and "RainRGB" Addons supplied with this suite were created by JSMorely and I thank him for sharing his endless supply of helpfull addons.
• The command line wallpaper changer used by the slideshow was created by Philipp Winterberg.[link]
• The supplied free font is "Aller" by Dalton Maag.

• *Use of some of the options in the media player skin will require at least beta rev863.
• **The skins panel in the settings config only works if you have ran the rainworks theme at least once,so leave the option checked on install.
• Unfortunately the volume control skin only works on windows versions Vista or newer.

Known Issues:
• The dual mail skin can get confused and show the wrong account entries.
• Individual entries will only provide a successful link to mails in the google account you are currently logged into.

> 21-07-11: v1.0.1
• Fixed volume flip
• Fixed slideshow+ flip
• Fixed viewer+ flip
• Added missing "Used" measures to Drives x3 and x4
• Added drive links to Drives
>If you are already running v1.0,you do not need to load the theme from install. Any settings you have changed will remain intact .
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Just curious but how does one set the weather skin to display the accurate information for their local city
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Cool!!!Thank you very much!
thx for the hard work, downloading
friend, thx for all , i manage to middle click, work incredible....
i get a new mouse....
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Had the Left click version done before i read your last post,here is a link to it in case you prefer it.[link]
yes, pls make me the version with 2x left click......
thx so appreciate for ur help, all the best works!!
But the setting still cannot set others skin, only for clock skin available, middle click not functionable.
Maybe is my external usb mouse problem, (is middle click mean by clicking the skin that's show on desktop, then i move the cursor to the skin by using mouse middle click)....
Sorry for my poor language...

Thanks for help..
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Yes,you middle click the active skin on your desk top,If your mouse is unable to do that I can make a version for you that will work with double left click.Let me know if you need that.
pls help, when i install it, i get an error about unable to backup ...ADDON\CLWCP to ...BACKUP\ADDON...
so i install manually by copy into document\skins\'s works but for the setting, i only got an option for clock setting only, for the middle click to change other skins setting was plssss....
i really like this theme
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Try this,turn rainmeter off,go to C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Addons and delete the CLWCP folder,then run the installer again.Let me know how if that works.
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to make with winamp u can make the skin ? not with itunes. .. if want. .. great skin.
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Yes.Middle click the itunes skin and select winamp from the options panel under settings.
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I really like this. :D
It's one freaking awesome skin/awesomeness. I like it.
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gmail does not work! something wrong? kindly help me? Thank you. :-/
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Hello Klaus,

Firstly, are you sure you are entering your username correctly
Username: bobthebuilder (good)
username: (bad)

Secondly, do you have any special characters in your password,if so,change it.

Thirdly, does your email address end in, if not(eg. a German gmail address) it simply will not work.(although I may be able to find a solution,not sure)

Let me know if all the above are okay and you still have a problem.
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I did it! this is what I modified:

I added an S.... :-D


Now Works!!!
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Absolutely fantastic! I have found something strange with the volume - when you flip it for bottom screen placement the text and image do not line up, for both regular & volume +. Also, I'm going to do this myself but just a suggestion for future update, for the drive skin make it to where you can access a drive from the "open" menu.
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Thanks for the heads up mate.I've found what the problem is.The slideshow+ and viewer+ wont flip correctly either(although it's not really needed on them).Will update the download as soon as I figure out how to make the variables backwards compatible.Will also add drive links in the update,dont know how I over looked that.
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