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Daily Deviation
October 4, 2010
the Pog Pack by ~Jkon00 is system monitoring the futuristic way. it somehow reminds me of a touchscreen interface in an "ancient" starship from some tv series in the sixties and yet it is still very futuristic. it provides you with many customizable modules so that you can setup everything to your liking.
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Pog Pack



*Please note that this is an old skin that i am unable to provide assistance for anymore. I do not currently have any plans to update this suite but you are of course welcome to download it still and do as you will with it.

This suite is basically just a rework of the skins in my Cosmetal suite.These are (hopefully) alot easier to customize.There are 10 variables you can change that control the look of the skins.There are 12 basic Pogs(anyone remember Pogs),8 of which are tabbed and available with left or right tab.The central Cog also has a basic time piece variation.

Note that if you move the cog or the time piece you will need to drag one of the 3 skins they open to position.They should snap.

Hope you like it and find it usefull.Please let me know if you have any problems or find any bugs.

After download,run the rmskin file to install suite and theme.left click the config icon above the time to set personal settings.

This skin requires that you have enigma suite installed [link].
This skin requires at least Rainmeter 1.3
This can be found at [link]

The featured wallpaper can be found at [link]

Several other setup variations can be seen in my gallery.

Update 1.3

Just some quick fixes as i intend to give this suite a full overhaul soon.
1-Fixed weather issue.Set fetched unit and displayed unit separately in configure.
2-Updated volume control to use new audio plugin.
3-Weather pog can now fetch your location code(click on active weather icon to launch auto fetch options).
4-Suite now in rmskin format.

Big thanks to Poiru for the Rainstaller and to JSmorley for EnigmaConfigure.
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How do you correct if the clicking the weather pog to fetch your location code brings up the incorrect city?
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