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Simply Another Sara

Originally a warmup drawing that turned into my drawing of the night as I just now realized it's almost time to sleep.
Mini-Design Evolution thing this was originally inspired from…

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Sara is so cute 😀🤩

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You made her really curvy and average bust in your 2019 drawing

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Which 2019 drawing as there were several?

Although looking through some of my old art I guess she kinda was curvier around the 2019-early 2020 era until I updated her look about a year ago.

henlofrends's avatar

Why does your art style remind me of Twokinds?


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Probably that's because it's where it originated from. My first anthro drawings were pretty much me trying to (very very poorly) replicated TwoKind's art style.

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Well, hello, Sara! You're looking especially cute and fluffy today. :pat:

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Can I dance with her?

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If you're up for some awkward dancing since I don't think she's ever danced with someone before.

GuyWiththeGreenHat's avatar

I may not b an expert at slow dancing, but I can show her the foot placements.

fijfox's avatar

Awww I want hug her !!!!

KarlosJackMcRain's avatar

She's so adorable! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Sara looks quite cute as always in this picture you've done of her! :D

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Simply adorable. 🙂

JKNewLife's avatar

Almost, kinda missing the Blep Tongue.

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Dang, that's a good point.

Heyyy you changed your pfp

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Figured it was time to update it and this seemed like something that would work.

alphablood119's avatar

Like the name of your recent page “pointless filler driving page” like you are very tired of naming pages

JKNewLife's avatar

More like I started the page as a filler page while I hashed out more script (because I suddenly realized I ran out), but once I did get more script written I realized the page was a bit 'eh' in terms of relevance but it was past the point of return so I rather than starting all over I just released it.

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simply another cute picture of a cute character ^^

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